Documentation Office Hours 31st May 2024

Definitely not vim vs. emacs

In this office hours, we detail a few updates to the Academy, clarifications on using the Starter Pack, before providing a high-level look at some of our favourite text editors and their best features.

00:05 Welcome
00:10 Academy updates
01:55 Starter Pack updates and clarifications
03:07 Starter Pack Sphinx demo
05:10 Sphinx index page updates
06:50 vim demo
07:00 vim help
07:35 vim plugins
10:10 split views
11:30 Discourse editing from vim
13:00 All about Kate
15:37 Kate demo
20:00 vim wiki
21:40 neovim
24:00 neovim demo
30:00 VSCode demo
33:30 vi vs emacs