Docker in containers problem after recover


I had some containers containing docker containers. After recover, docker is executing, I can see networks, etc, but I don’t have images nor containers:

docker images or docker containers return an empty list in every container.

I’ve checked permissions in docker bindings and all is ok. I’ve checked /var/lib/docker into the containers/image and there they are.

The rest of the LXD containers are working ok, apps are responding, etc.

So, why this is happening? Is there a way to fix it?

For me it looks like a Docker issue rather than LXD, unless your LXD volume is broken and all you see in /var/lib/docker is a brand new docker data root.

How did you check it? Could you find the filesystem layers inside or metadata?

Let’s say the files are really there. Then something might have happened to your Docker settings, for example you used a different docker storage driver than you got after restoring the VM. Docker stores its files in specific folders depending on the storage driver. If it changes, Docker will look for the files in a different folder and will find nothing.

It is also possible that the docker data root was not completely restored and some files seems to be their but corrupted so Docker don’t know how to link the filesystem layers and metadata together.

Are those networks user defined networks or just the default Docker networks?

How did you check it? Could you find the filesystem layers inside or metadata?

Files, I don’t know how to check metadata in the docker installations.

About corruption, it is strange that all the containers containing docker “fail” the same way.

I’m using same storage, the simple one, “dir”, same filesystem, because my storage pool was in another drive. Indeed, I’m trying to replicate my old server.

About the networks, all them are present, the default ones and the user created ones.

Anyway, I’ve fixed it by: stop docker, delete docker directory (except volumes), reinstall docker, start docker, and docker-compose up again.

Thank you