DKMS package support (extra drivers) does not work in Ubuntu 22.10 install media

A late-identified bug with the dkms package in Ubuntu 22.10 (Kinetic Kudu) prevented kernel modules from outside the kernel package being correctly built on installation, so these drivers will not be used. While a fix to the bug in dkms has been identified and is expected to land soon as a Stable Release Update in kinetic-updates, users will find that their drivers do not work immediately after installation. This can be a problem for receiving the fixed dkms package if one of the extra drivers you use on your system is your network driver.

To work around this issue, affected users are recommended to install using Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS installation media and then upgrade.

Extended workaround from kinetic media

If for whatever reason you are installing from Ubuntu 22.10 media, instead of installing from Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS media, and are affected by this bug, you can use the following steps from a terminal after installation to restore the driver package functionality.

These steps are written for the Broadcom wireless driver, which is the only driver package known today affected by this issue which is needed in order to access the network.

  1. Run sudo dpkg-reconfigure bcmwl-kernel-source to rebuild the driver.
  2. Run sudo kmodsign sha512 /var/lib/shim-signed/mok/MOK.priv /var/lib/shim-signed/mok/MOK.der /lib/modules/5.19.0-21-generic/updates/dkms/wl.ko to sign the driver.
  3. Run sudo modprobe wl to load the driver.

At this point the WiFi module should start working and you should be able to connect to WiFi.