"Discovering Open Source" Event, Delhi - NCR, India

Hello all,

I’m excited to share about something we’ve been cooking for some time, a 2-day Open Source & Linux event in the Delhi - NCR region at KIET Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad, India.

The event will broadly encompass the following topics -

  1. Why, how to contribute to Open Source?
  2. Overcoming fear and becoming a part of the community.
  3. About Linux and why you should at least try it.
  4. What is Google Summer of Code and Outreachy and how it can help you?
  5. Experience of past contributors.
  6. Opportunities in Open Source.

The event aims to encourage first-year students (freshers) to get involved in the community and not only develop their skills but also improve the space as a whole. And more importantly, kick start the Ubuntu India LoCo again!

Last time we did such an event we got about 210 attendees, this time we are aiming to conduct it at an even larger scale with more resources. (If Ubuntu can help in any way, then we can do great :love_you_gesture: )

We are also actively looking for speakers to speak regarding the above-mentioned topics or bring something of their own to diversify it. If anyone is interested please reach out :slight_smile:

Dates - That is under active discussion, we can conduct it anytime, but we want to deliver the best experience, and hence the dates are still in work, tentative due to the speaker’s availability.

The event will be a collab conduct between Ubuntu India, GNOME Users Group, Delhi - NCR, and one college club.

We are also actively looking for suggestions :smiley:



After some discussion on the GNOME Engagement channel on Matrix, The topics list has been modified as follows -

  1. Developing an Open Source application.
  2. The community around Open Source.
  3. Contributing to biggies, like - GNOME