Discourse mobile

On today’s Ubuntu Hour, @kyrofa asked about Discourse apps and I said I would post up links. You can find Android and iOS official apps and the source, too. Do note there is also an unofficial solution to make a branded app which seems right up our alley. No, @popey?

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Interesting idea! We have an Ubuntu account in the main mobile stores I believe. Perhaps we could use those to publish for an air of legitimacy?

Thanks @wxl, I appreciate your digging that info up :slight_smile: . The reviews are not particularly encouraging, I’m afraid. Sounds like it’s just a chrome tab, haha.

Yeah, but notifications, right?

To get notifications, I guess, we would need a push notification service installed here. Something like FCM.

Looks like the notifications are for Discord-hosted instances, so the official app is out, but the branded app solution uses OneSignal, so it sounds like that’s the solution.