Disco Dingo (19.04) Release Candidate testing

Hi testers,

As Adam announced on ubuntu-devel-announce Disco Dingo as entered Final Freeze.

Ubuntu 19.04 (aka Disco Dingo) and its flavours are going to be released this week (Apr. 18th) and now is a good time to test the ISOs to make sure that installation and core functionalities are working correctly.

Never tested an image before? Checkout the information on the wiki. You can sharpen your skills right now by testing the daily image. If you encounter any issues please don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t forget, you can talk in realtime on IRC on freenode @ #ubuntu-quality.

RC images are availalable on the ISO Tracker. Synchronize your ISOs, test, report results, rince, wash, repeat until it’s ready to release.

Testing on VMs is great but if you have spare hardware or a free partition, testing on hardware is a great source of information.

Happy testing!


I’ll be happy to help.

Okay, I’m pulling a flag on everything.

Disco Dingo Test: Full Install

VM Stats:

VirtualBox, 5000 MB Ram, Optical first option, Hard Disk, Network, Floppy boot order, Vid Mem is 128 MB,
3D acceleration, disco-desktop 1.95 GB iso, using VMDK fixed size hard disk of 15 GB, using PulseAudio
volume and NAT network.

First Boot: Didn’t work, couldnt press Esc, no plymouth theme. Beginning installation screen showed.

Second Boot: Same story but saw spinning wheel. Tried playing with it, and found out there was an invisible typing section.
The installation is broken.

Third Boot: Hit (install ubuntu) by pressing space on beginning installation screen. Black screen, no plymouth, spinning wheel appeared, one again, all three boots.


Please have a look at the provided links, eg. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/QATracker

Comments on testing should be made on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ in the space provided. If you have bugs, there is space to provide the launchpad.net bug report number (it’ll automatically be linked). Launchpad & iso.qa.ubuntu.com both allow tracking/searching that this site does not allow.

I would also suggest validating your download, and/or write to thumb-drive.

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19.04 is being tested from the very beginning, on many DEs. In the case of Ubuntu proper, it would be better, if it won’t be released with the default slow snap apps, which needs sometimes to think a bit and start, such as the calculator.


I ran VB on Ubuntu, which clearly does not work, and maybe never will. I ran it on Windows and worked. 19.04 full install works just fine.

Sometime ago, when a new Ubuntu release is at hand, all Linux related web sites speculated on the next Ubuntu code name. Now, not a word in the 'net on that. Sad!

Just a minor thing here :wink: - The title should be " Disco Dingo".

Works fine:

“Version”: “19.04”,
“OEM”: {
“Vendor”: “To Be Filled By O.E.M.”,
“Product”: “To Be Filled By O.E.M.”
“BIOS”: {
“Vendor”: “American Megatrends Inc.”,
“Version”: “P1.10”
“Arch”: “amd64”,
“GPU”: [
“Vendor”: “8086”,
“Model”: “5912”
“RAM”: 7.9,
“Disks”: [
“Partitions”: [
“Screens”: [
“Size”: “531mmx299mm”,
“Resolution”: “1920x1080”,
“Frequency”: “60.00”
“Autologin”: false,
“LivePatch”: false,
“Session”: {
“DE”: “ubuntu:GNOME”,
“Name”: “ubuntu”,
“Type”: “x11”
“Language”: “en_US”,
“Timezone”: “Europe/Rome”,
“Install”: {
“Media”: “Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” - Release amd64 (20190416)”,
“Type”: “GTK”,
“OEM”: false,
“PartitionMethod”: “manual”,
“DownloadUpdates”: true,
“Language”: “en”,
“Minimal”: false,
“RestrictedAddons”: true,
“Stages”: {
“0”: “language”,
“30”: “console_setup”,
“56”: “prepare”,
“157”: “partman”,
“276”: “partman”,
“277”: “partman”,
“281”: “partman”,
“348”: “partman”,
“349”: “partman”,
“360”: “partman”,
“367”: “timezone”,
“370”: “usersetup”,
“476”: “user_done”,
“971”: “done”

So it seems that 19.04 is in pretty good shape for a release today. Another great release that would not have been possible without your help.

Thanks to all the contributors and testers who made Ubuntu 19.04 and see you all for 19.10 (and I have no clue what the next codename will be either)


It is released the moment you said that lol