Disabling RST in HP BIOS

Has anyone found a solution to disabling RST in HP products? I am unable to access the advanced settings of the BIOS, and the system configuration in the basic settings doesn’t provide any option to disable RST that I can see.

As such, I have not been able to remove Windows which is perhaps the worst operating system to ever grace the presence of humanity. I may lose my mind soon if I have to continue using their product, so for the love of god if anyone knows how to access advanced BIOS in the HP pavilion please do let me know before I end up at an insane asylum with other windows users. :slight_smile:

The typical F10 and quickly pressing “a”, and the function escape methods are not working.

May god have mercy on my soul. Thank you.

This site isn’t designed for technical support. The Finding Help topic details where you can get support for Ubuntu.