Device authentication with cloud-native IoT fingerprinting

Secure device authentication and onboarding prevent unauthorised access to private software and services. Fleet owners can limit the extent of the ever-increasing cybersecurity challenges by establishing a trusted communication channel between an IoT device and its cloud backend.

With the proliferation of tightly connected, embedded devices, accomplishing the above is not easy. Austin-based Portnox recently introduced the first cloud-native, AI-powered IoT fingerprinting solution designed for zero-trust security models. Portnox’s IoT Fingerprinting authenticates one’s devices via fingerprint matching, providing fleet owners with real-time visibility into every device connected to the network.

Portnox states the new profiling solution will list, among others, the device type, manufacturer, OS, and version by relying on a comprehensive catalogue of over 260,000 unique IoT device models across 27,000 different brands and 30,000 operating systems. If anything, the reported numbers confirm fragmentation levels in the embedded and IoT landscape.

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