Desktop Team Updates - Monday 6th September 2021

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 30th August 2021

  • Worked on dbus file descriptor branch - we are getting closer to completing the Dart support for this, so having a real world example of how these APIs will be consumed will help finalize the design.
  • Migrated Dart gsettings bindings from ffi to the native Dart implementation.
  • Added code coverage to dbus.dart - thanks @jpnurmi for showing me how to do it!
  • Tried to add more code coverage to Dart libraries, found some corner cases in dbus.dart where sockets weren’t being correctly closed or handling error cases, improved dbus.dart to fix these issues.
  • ubuntu-desktop-installer PR reviews.
  • Flutter PR reviews.
  • WSL
    • New PR to implement the OOBE based on subiquity. There is a list of items remaining tagged sa “TODO WSL” in the code for anyone who would like to start contributing to this project (MERGED).
    • Resumed the work on automated publication of Ubuntu image to the MS Store with StoreBroker
  • ADSys
    • Fixed issues:
      • When the name of the host is longer than 15 characters
      • When the user logs in as DOMAIN\USER or user name only with default_domain_prefix set.

Desktop installer

WSL setup



firefox24 firefox

thunderbird24 thunderbird

  • preparing 78.14.0 update
  • uploaded 91.1.0 to impish
  • requested the fix for thunderbird profiles not being reused to be uplifted to ESR

chromium22 chromium

  • updated stable to 93.0.4577.63
  • updated beta to 94.0.4606.31
  • updated dev to 95.0.4628.3
  • updated the chromium-ffmpeg snap for i386, cleaned up unused plugs, and updated again for beta 94 at the request of Opera

flutter24 Ubuntu Desktop Installer

  • CUPS Snap: Waiting for @ijohnson’s pull request on snapd for the cups printing interface to get merged by the snapd team.
  • pappl-retrofit: Continuing the work on retro-fitting classic CUPS drivers into Printer Application Snaps found and fixed several bugs, especially a crasher (PPD cache freeing function called from wrong library), bugs discovered by Valgrind (but they were not the crasher). Also made sure that the correct media settings are used when a queue gets loaded on startup (Sync default media with ready media).
  • Ghostscript Printer Application: Some small bug fixes and >100 downloads from the Snap Store in the first 10 days.
  • PostScript Printer Application: Updated HP PostScript PPDs to the ones of HPLIP 3.21.8. Also helped a user to get started with the Printer Application.
  • HPLIP Printer Application: Launched this one as the third retro-fitting Printer Application in the Snap Store. Even only having printing support creating the Snap was rather complex, due to HPLIP being partially in Python and also having lots of hard-coded paths in the code and also needing some adaptations for building on ARM. Update: The HPLIP Printer Application also supports HP’s PostScript printers now.
  • cups-filters: Bug fixes for the Printer Application Snaps, especially pass LD_LIBRARY_PATH to Ghostscript in the ghostscript() filter function. Got a Pull Request for the universal CUPS filter from GSoC.
  • PAPPL: Michael Sweet has continued working on his Printer Application library. Now we can set the default printer in the web interface, pause/resume print queues, and the device ID is polled also from SNMP-discovered network printers, making driver auto-selection also working for these.
  • Debian: Debian printing maintainer OdyX (Didier Raboud) is leaving for a 6-month sabbatical and therefore stopping his Debian activity. Talked with him about how printing in Debian should continue and OdyX found a volunteer to overtake his task. I introduced myself to him and hope I will get the same great collaboration as with OdyX. And, OdyX, thanks a lot for your great work and collaboration with me.
  • Impish: Synced all the Debian packages which OdyX uploaded before leaving, to get his last polish-ups and the versions with his name removed from “Uploaders” in debian/control.
  • OpenPrinting: The new OpenPrinting web server (which hosts the printer/driver database) is fully working again. Now printers can get looked up and PPDs downloaded as usual again. Also general file downloads returned to work.
  • Bugs.


  • Got the mutter 2in1 orientation changes merged [MR]
  • Updated libfprint-TOD to 1.94, keeping ABI compatibility and adding tests using test tod drivers compiled with all the supported libfprint-tod versions.
  • Preparing gdm with support for nvidia and wayland
  • Got a new tag for LO yaru icons for the impish 7.2 deb
  • Released LO 7.2 snap to stable
  • Worked with Laney to learn about
  • learnt a bit more about how the ubuntu metrics service is working
  • fixed the iio-sensor-proxy build in impish, tests are being sensitive to the locale
  • sponsored the plymouth update from Daniel to fix the shutdown animation
  • reviewed and tested some new installer changes
  • sponsors udisks/eemc/focal fix from oem
  • updated the thunderbird beta snap to 92.0b5


  • Updated snapd PR #10173 (backend code to support a polkit interface) based on review feedback.
  • Updated snapd PR #10571 (snapd themes API access checker) based on review feedback.
  • Created snapd PR #10753, to continue Marcus’s work on allowing a snap to implement the slot side of the desktop interface. This is not a complete implementation, simply giving access to host system fonts when a non-implicit slot is used. The PR is in draft form, since I’m still completing a spread test.
  • Continued work to get snapd created desktop files to work from within confinement with desktop-launch interface.


  • Updated snapcraft PR #3413 (implement an ELF file dependency checker) to current master. The code is still somewhat experimental and not integrated into the Snapcraft tool. It is hopefully in a state where it can be used by the Snapcraft devs though.