Desktop Team Updates - Monday 4th November 2019

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week.

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Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Update - Desktop Team Updates - Monday 28th October 2019


:computer_mouse: Gnome Shell:

:hammer_and_wrench: Other:

:beetle: Release bugs:

:chart_with_downwards_trend: Backlog tracking


libreoffice24-margin libreoffice

Snapcraft snaps

  • Shorter week, friday was off in France
  • Installed 19.10 on a new laptop, was more challenging that expected due to disk modes/tpm (will do another write up about that)
  • Did another iteration on SRUing a fix for rygel autostart behaviour to 19.10
  • Refreshed the usbguard testing packages on top of GNOME 3.34.1
  • Did some syncs for focal
  • Joined some planning meetings for next cycle
  • Sponsored the new bluez version for Daniel
  • Launchpad bugs triage

firefox24 firefox

  • prepared 70.0.1+build1 update and handed over to the security team for publication

thunderbird24 thunderbird

  • uploaded 68.2.1+build1 to focal
  • prepared update to 68.2.1+build1 (eoan and bionic) with corresponding dependencies (mozilla-devscripts, jsunit, enigmail) and handed over to the security team for publication

chromium22 chromium


4 days week (Friday off)

  • Add systemd socket activation in the daemon/client split. We still have the refresh and initial load to handle.
  • Enable to have idling timeout in the daemon (which will gracefully stops if no more commands are requested since last idling and will reload on demand).
  • Simplify even more what’s needed for each command and API implementation (most of the code is autogenerated)
  • Add a complete command for on demand bash completion. This completion is based on the work (see last week) on cobra to have advanced shell completion (hidden commands completed once specified, help completion and in context completion) for both daemon and client.
  • Handle man page, bash completion and README generation … The zsys README page is now automatically updated and less sad :slight_smile:
  • Add a fix to skip autopkgtests on non installable architecture.
  • Fixing CI by switching to master go-cmp (Golang 1.14 reflection restriction)
  • Reviewed and started to classify 20.04 possible target work (see board). To be confirmed after manager’s Vancouver product sprint.
  • Reviewed and tested jibel’s installer branch for 20.04 installer design (dedicated advanced feature panel)

W45 plans:

  • finish final extension test and merge all changes into snapcraft
  • get many snaps building with the gnome-3-34 extension in lp to make sure it’s generally working ok
  • finish extension docs updates
  • draft a blogpost to be made once extension is released
  • put together LAS talk
  • get glimpse in the store
  • autopkgtest: more bugs fixed (found a systemd bug! but fixed in newer versions and only in quite specific situations, and the fix is a big refactoring, so not trying to get it backported to bionic; worked around on my side), now to try a re-deploy & then give the other admins a tour
  • discussed, reviewed, worked on a little bit & sponsored some glib2.0s for gunnar
  • checked outstanding merges (main), mostly punted them but did one or two
  • new pango1.0 uploaded to experimental, need to sync tomorrow
  • checked out a hang on the focal daily ISOs which is caused by a commit on the stable branch. that was queued up for SRU to eoan too, so I asked for that to be rejected for now; will re-submit once @3v1n0’s fix is merged. :slightly_smiling_face:
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  • cups-filters: Investigated the fact that the pdftops (PDF-to-PostScript) is not able to convert colored input into grayscale (to print grayscale on a color printer). See upstream issue #169. Only solution seems to be using Ghostscript or MuPDF or, if one insists on Poppler, rasterizing the input.
  • CUPS: Synced 2.3.0 from Debian to focal, got stuck in -proposed. When I saw that it is due to a warning about deprecation of printer drivers (filter + PPD) on stderr issued by the lpadmin command, making the autopkg tests fail, @vorlon had already fixed the offending autopkg test (in the cpdb-libs package).
  • Google Code-In 2019: Unfortunately, the Linux Foundation did not get selected as mentoring organization for this year.
  • Bugs.
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One day less as per the all saints day celebration


  • window: Don’t use override redirect parent window workspace, fixes java apps crash [MR]
  • x11-display: Don’t unset the X11 focused window after setting one, fixes the desktop icons hang and missing focus on close dialog [MR]
  • clutter/actor: Unref the root node if set as child [MR, merged],
  • window-props: Read WM_TRANSIENT_FOR for override-redirect windows [MR]
  • Rebased and improved MR for replacing GObject wrappers [MR]
  • Some upstream reviews
  • Fingerprint research
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Backport of snap policy module for PulseAudio LP: #1781428:

  • I’ve updated the xenial and bionic backport merge requests, and have been testing some builds I uploaded here:
  • jdstrand reported some problems with the policy module on xenial, which I am trying to reproduce. Once that is sorted out, I think the two backports should be ready to upload.

snapd fwupd interface:

  • PR #7454 has been merged, which adds an implicit system:fwupd slot usable on classic systems. Use of the interface in published snaps requires a store assertion, as with the snap packaged fwupd (uefi-fw-tools).
  • It should be available on the edge channel of core now.

snapd session agent systemd control API:

  • PR #7238 received additional review, and now is just waiting on a final security review.
  • Once this one and the client library (PR #7456) are merged, I should be able to update the user daemons PR to a state where it can be accepted. And once that’s out of the way, dbus activation should be unblocked.

Better snap support in xdg-desktop-portal:

  • In the initial version of my PR, I exposed a new snap internal portal-info sub-command. There was some concern about whether snap internal was a good name to expose such commands under. After some discussion, it was decided to use snap routine instead. PR #7589 now implements that suggestion. I need to chase up one more review to get this merged.
  • PR #7588 needs an update to match the snap routine PR, and to be reviewed.
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  • Worked on the build snap with @hellsworth
  • Helped @hellsworth with the gnome-3-34 snapcraft extension
  • Debugged the crasher using the 3-34 and 3-32 platform snaps with @marcustomlinson
  • Worked on getting snap-store snap built with the packagekit and appstream backends enabled.