Desktop Team Updates - Monday 3rd February 2020

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week.

If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse.
We also have our weekly meeting on IRC. We meet on Tuesday at 13:30 UTC in #ubuntu-desktop on Freenode. There will be an “Any Other Business” section at the end where you are welcome to raise topics. These topics might be discussed during the meeting, or afterwards depending on the time, depth of conversation, topic and so on.

Last week’s notes are here:

  • 18.04.4:
    • SRU verification
    • ISO Testing
  • ZFS/zsys:
    • State management
  • Other:
    • Removing dependency of Autopilot on Qt4

GNOME Software/Snap Store snap:

  • Lots of work on the packagekit branch, only remaining issue is debs aren’t listed on the installed page.
  • Enabled fwupd and verified firmware updates work
  • Added autostart for the application service, just like we do for the deb


  • Improvements to some snaps of gtk2 apps
  • gtk2-common-themes updated to build for core18 to support other architectures like which will allow it to build on more architectures, PR
  • GTK 2 theme fixes the gimp snap PR
  • GTK 2 theme fixes the glimpse-editor snap PR

:desktop_computer: Gnome Shell:

:beetle: Release bugs:

:chart_with_downwards_trend: Backlog tracking


libreoffice24-margin LibreOffice

  • Continued mentoring @hellsworth in LibreOffice packaging.
  • Prepared and uploaded 1:6.4.0-0ubuntu1 to focal-proposed.
    • Resolved out-of-space issue on amd64 builds.
    • Added Silesian language pack as requested.
  • Bug triaging

Snapcraft Snaps

  • Investigated snapping Flutter desktop applications.
  • USN refreshes.
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  • Change the way we handle states for user, adapt tests to it
  • Add snapshots from bottom to top and commands
  • Refine some commands in spec
  • Define garbage collection strategy
  • Start system and user states dependency detection, even when user creates their own dataset manually
  • Start working on state removal (systems and users)
  • More and more tests writing
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  • Was a short two day week, some days off and travelling to FOSDEM on Friday
  • Laying some of the groundwork for autopkgtest migration to the new environment. With IS I worked out that deploying the new thing in parallel and cutting over is better than tearing down the old one and re-deploying the new in place. It requires some different work in advance (firewalls and stuff) so I have been doing a bit of that. Continuing this week.
  • OEM support in the desktop installer: started on the ubuntu-drivers part via TDD. Got some hardware to be able to test on a real system, but this isn’t strictly needed until later when we’ve got more bits in place. Tested focal a bit on it though.
  • Fixed gobject-introspection’s python3 dependencies. A broken version made it to focal. I’m trying a trick to unbreak that which will hopefully make it tomorrow.
  • IS asked why isn’t SSL. Good point - worked on that quickly. Waiting for a firewall change to be able to deploy a 301 redirect and make everybody use SSL.
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Build Snap

Other stuff

  • Put cherrytree in the snap store! Thanks @kenvandine for solving the theming issue!
  • Rebuilt glimpse-editor as needed (whenever it contained outdated ubuntu packages).
  • LAS organization: We’re planning on doing a co-location with some other conference so trying to sort out where/when (will be this Fall), working on updating the website with new theme, mission statement, etc.
  • Proposed migration
    • gspell soname transition
    • investigated gvfs webdav tests hanging, reported upstream with some debugging
    • debugged the network-manager/netplan tests regressions with the new network-manager, discussed with upstream, tested a candidate fix
    • updated automake-1.6 for python->python2
    • retried tests with the right triggers to help the pygobject migration
  • Focal
    • desktop updates (webkitgtk, glib-networking)
    • sponsoring (zeitgeist, vala)
    • some Debian syncs (at-spi/atk/dbus-glib)
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firefox24 firefox

  • the 72.0.2 update was published to all supported Ubuntu releases

chromium22 chromium

  • updated stable to 79.0.3945.130, awaiting publication by the security team
  • updated beta to 80.0.3987.66
  • updated dev to 81.0.4033.2

package24 other

  • attended FOSDEM in Brussels
  • reworking my initial implementation of the Channels tab in software-properties, using a GtkListBox
  • CUPS in a Snap: Many more fixes and improvements:
    • Replaced the Python script to check whether the CUPS port 631 is occupied by a DEB-based CUPS by a C program
    • Moved the daemon handling scripts (start/stop/reload) into scripts/ subdirectory
    • Fixed font installation
    • Fixed Ghostscript resource directory paths
  • CUPS in a Snap: Investigated the problem of no D-Bus communication between the snap’s CUPS and the outside world. Concluded that “cups-control” interface needs to be extended and point to the CUPS snap. Unfortunately, I did not get any answer on this thread.
  • cups-filters: Worked with GSoC 2020 student candidates on bugs to evaluate them. By this got most filters working with zero-page input (to handle gracefully a page selection which eliminates all pages, Issue #117), several smaller bugs in the filters fixed and CJK text files correctly printing (Issue #135).
  • IPP-over-USB: Further tests on the ippusbxd replacement ipp-usb. Now it seems to work perfectly with my HP OfficeJet Pro 8730.
  • Google Summer of Code 2020: Continued to let student candidates work on assignments (like cups-filters bugs) to evaluate them for this year’s GSoC).
  • Bugs.

Been late, due to FOSDEM travel back.

  • Updates to fprintd meson port [MR]
  • Memory fixes and cleanups for fprintd [MR]
  • Some updates for preparing the libfprint 1.90.1 release [MR]
  • Added more unit tests to fprintd and valgrind support [MR]
  • Ported fprintd to gdbus (as per fixing security issue causing policykit lock-up)

snapd pull requests:

  • I had a hangout meeting with some of the snapd developers last week to track the progress of some of the pending pull requests. There will be another one this week.
  • I received code review on PR #7456 (session agent client library), and have fixed those issues.
  • I received a code review on PR #7588 (the snap routine portal-info command). I think the problems have been resolved. There was a query about some functionality only working on distros supporting AppArmor, but I think things should be fine at this point.
  • I’m working to update PR #5822 (daemons in the user session). I’ve got the old functionality running on top of current snapd master, taking into account functionality that has since been merged or implemented differently. I still have some cleanup to do, and implement the session agent calls to correctly restart user services on installs/upgrades/removals.