Desktop Team Updates - Monday 30th May 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 23th May 2022


Active Directory:

  • Helped Gabriel on bubbletea interactive command refactoring and bootstrap testing


  • Make each PR test building and attaching a x64 sideload version of Ubuntu WSL (with last LTS rootfs for now).
  • Review “Move full installation experience into Windows” spec


  • Released dbus.dart 0.7.4 with updated xml dependency.
  • gnome-control-center MR reviews.
  • Fix crash listing images in lxd.dart.
  • Interview candidate.
  • Reviewed UA client API proposal.
  • Made stable gnome-control-center 42.2 and 41.7 releases.
  • Added some date fields to snapd.dart.
  • Improve test coverage of snapd.dart.
  • Updated all our dart packages to use lints version 2.
  • Updated dbus.dart to use ffi version 2.
  • Various improvements to snapd.dart as found by use in unofficial store.
  • Updated to kinetic.
  • Made MRs to reduce compile warnings in gnome-control-center.

:sun_with_face: Sponsored Nathan’s first Debian uploads today
:sun_with_face: Worked with Nathan on snap and .deb packaging
:sun_with_face: Enabled the Snap permissions integration feature for the Applications panel in the GNOME Settings app for Debian Unstable. Thanks Robert for fixing a regression in this feature from the switch to GTK4.
:sun_with_face: Stopped ignoring build test failures for amd64 & arm64 for most of the gstreamer stack for Ubuntu 22.10 in preparation for a gstreamer SRU for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
:sun_with_face: Uploaded new gcr and gnome-keyring versions to Ubuntu 22.10 and Debian. For Ubuntu, this has gcr providing the ssh-agent systemd user service instead of gnome-keyring. gnome-keyring also now provides its own systemd user service. Ubuntu had previously been providing that as basically a distro patch. Now the Ubuntu and Debian packaging is in sync.
:sun_with_face:Spent time trying to get the Google Contacts integration working again for Debian 11 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS but was unsuccessful. I’m not the first to get stuck here since the proposed SRU was removed earlier because it didn’t solve the problem it was supposed to solve.
:sun_with_face: Updated the gnome-contacts snap from 3.30 to 3.36. The update is still in the candidate channel in part because of the Google Contacts issue on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and trying to figure out if we ought to have evolution-data-server running inside the snap like Flatpak does.
:sun_with_face: Figured out a workaround to get snaps using Clutter to run on Wayland. This includes cheese and several of the GNOME mini games.
:sun_with_face: My merge request to enable GNOME 42 dark theme integration for system-config-printer was merged
:sun_with_face: Finished the wpewebkit mini transition in Ubuntu. wpewebkit is now using libsoup3 only.
:sun_with_face: Verified the gnome-shell & mutter 42.1 SRUs so that they can hopefully land in jammy-updates next week
:sun_with_face: Preparation and verification of other SRUs
:sun_with_face: GNOME 42.2 is expected to be released next week so we’ll be working to package those updates

  • Worked with @3v1n0 on removing file-roller dependency from Desktop Icons

  • worked in snapcraft extension for gnome-42 (core22-gnome-extension branch)


Desktop Installer





  • Reviewed more PR’s to sync Suibiquty client types with the Python API.
  • Debugged unstable WSL Setup integration test
  • the libfreeaptx MIR has been accepted so turned the option on again in pipewire
  • tested some desktop snap candidates and promoted them to stable
  • verified some of the pending desktop SRUs
  • worked on a thumbnailer fix for the cheese snap
  • wrote on the libsoup3 MIR to ask for the new version to be accepted even if we might not be able to demote the old one before next cycle
  • updated the ubiquity source icons to use the new yaru one
  • reviewed and merged a software-properties fix from Alberto
  • cups-filters: Continued with restructuring towards the cups-filters 2.x release, continuing replacing direct PPD file access in the filter functions by converting PPD options and attributes to IPP printer attributes and control variables in the ppdFilterLoadPPD() function (which calls ppdLoadAttributes()) in libppd. It turned out that wrapper filter functions in libppd are still needed, even with the call ppdFilterLoadPPD() generating the filter control data record for the call of the PPD-free filter functions of libcupsfilters. Completed ppdFilterPDFToPDF()/cfFilterPDFToPDF(). Now working on handling Raster filters and color spaces.
  • CUPS: Version 2.4.2 got released. Fix for CVE-2022-26691 and many other bug fixes.
  • CUPS Snap: Building the included Ghostscript 9.56.1 with all output devices needed for the 4 page description languages needed for driverless IPP printing (PDF, PWG Raster, AppleRaster, PCLm), as they are needed by the included cups-filters 2.x (commit, issue fixed). Also updated to CUPS 2.4.2.
  • "Printers & Scanners" module for GNOME Control Center: Got an answer from Marek Kasik (G-C-C Printers module maintainer, works at Red Hat) about the project of replacing the module by one for the New Architecture. He suggests a different solution, instead of replacing the module adding the functionality needed for the New Architecture to the old module making it supporting both old and new. CUPS 2.x already supports most features of the New Architecture (printers as IPP service, Printer Applications) and with CUPS 3.x old-style items like PPD/driver-based queues) simply will not show. I agreed with that. I asked Michael Sweet (2 days before his departure to vacation) several questions about how to handle managing printers via pure IPP and he helped a lot. Then finally Marek posted 3 feature requests describing the needed work on the upstream GitLab: #1877: Improve setting of IPP options; #1878: Allow to add new printers via Printer Applications; #1879: Do not show setting of drivers for IPP printers. Presented them to the 2 GSoC contributors and they agreed.
  • Scanning support for PAPPL: Two other GSoC contributors are working on adding scanning support to PAPPL, so that Printer Applications can fully support multi-function devices (and even standalone scanners for snapped apps and drivers). Started a kick-off mail thread with them, their assigned mentors, Michael Sweet (PAPPL), Alexander Pevzner (sane-airscan), Bhavna Kosta (GSoC 2021 student who started this work) and got a lot of help from Mike (before he leaves for vacation) and Alex. We will drop IPP Scan support and concentrate on eSCL (the de-facto industry standard). Work will get re-distributed between the 2 GSoC contributors appropriately.
  • Open Source Summit Europe 2022: This big conference of the Linux Foundation (14 sub-conferences) takes place in Dublin, where also the Linux Plumbers (where I will run an OpenPrinting micro-conference again) takes place, in parallel with it (Plumbers on Sep 12-14, OSS on Sep 13-16). To make best use of my trip I will also try to attend OSS, and therefore submitted 2 talk proposals, one about the New Architecture of printing and scanning and one about distro-independent packaging of the printing stack.
  • Google Summer of Code 2022: Did the kick-off for all the 8 GSoC contributors, especially introducing chats on Telegram and Signal and video meetings to help them get up to speed with Gutenprint, PAPPL, Avahi, Printer Applications, eSCL scanning, G-C-C, Common Print Dialog Backends, … Long e-mail threads with intense discussion and planning work for the G-C-C Printers module and PAPPL scanning support, also to catch as much help as possible from Michael Sweet before his whole-June vacation.
  • OpenPrinting: Started on planning a blog post about OpenPrinting with @local-optimum, as users came up to Canonical asking whether we are doing anything about printing (but this is for later, perhaps July, I need to release cups-filters 2.x first).
  • Memorial Day in the US: Withe the whole (?) Community Team celebrating this day and being off met our new (starting today) community manager @kewisch lonely in the our virtual Community Team room of Canonical’s internal chat and had some kick-off chat with him, about OpenPrinting, Indabas, Snap, and especially last Friday’s Indaba about Firefox Snap startup performance, to make him aware of our main problem currently. Thanks, @hellsworth, @kenvandine, @local-optimum, and @pmeulengracht for this great Indaba!
  • Bugs.

Steam Snap

  • Issue testing and triaging
  • Testing various games for performance and issues


  • Updated Spanish translations
  • Working on new options for display formats