Desktop Team Updates - Monday 28th September 2020

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

We also have our weekly meeting on IRC. We meet on Tuesday at 13:30 UTC in #ubuntu-desktop on Freenode. There will be an “Any Other Business” section at the end where you are welcome to raise topics. These topics might be discussed during the meeting, or afterwards depending on the time, depth of conversation, topic and so on.

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 21st September 2020




  • Experiment and look through samba-tool code for querying AD GPO.
  • Look at/fight with ldap + krb5 + sasl/gssapi mechanism, optional bindings and our options.


  • Meeting with customers

firefox24 firefox

  • prepared 81.0+build2 update, now published in all supported releases

thunderbird24 thunderbird

  • updated to 78.3.1+build1 in groovy
  • preparing SRU of thunderbird 78.3.1 and enigmail 2.2.2 to focal

chromium22 chromium

  • Did a couple of Debian/Ubuntu uploads
  • Usual autopkgtest maintenance; one cloud region went out … followed up with IS
  • Some other debugging of a couple of packages in autopkgtest that broke things, needed to be helped to fail properly
  • Re-followed up on this thread from July about renaming the Regression Potential section in SRUs to be more clear [the follow up is not actually sent, but will be very soon].
  • Raspberry Pi images: Looked into removing cloud-init completely; the only thing we need it for is resizing the root partition to fill the SD card/drive. But this can be done with cloud-initramfs-growroot. Well, it can in theory. But that somehow breaks first boot and you get an initramfs prompt which I’ve been attempting to debug. Something to do with udev. Been looking into that. @waveform @Wimpress
  • Some looking into Groovy’s default wallpapers - coming soon!
  • USN Refreshes
  • Updating some GNOME snaps to the latest released versions
  • Trimmed out duplicate libLLVM out of some snaps
  • Tested snap local font caches in a snapcraft PR as well as some review
  • Prep work for upcoming Flutter plugin hackfest
  • continued on GNOME 3.38 updates
  • sponsoring for the OEM team and a bit of review of the sponsoring queue (bolt, cheese)
  • prepared some focal desktop SRUs (gnome-control-center cherry picks, new file-roller)
  • backported a pydrive fix for the new httplib (needed for dejadup)
  • some fixes for gstreamer documentation NBS packages
  • browsed a bit unsplashed to find wallpapers
  • submitted a fix for the proposed by team to display the migrate-after information even for non candidate
  • followed on some GNOME SRUs discussions
  • tested an upstream fix for connecting known bluetooth device from settings not being reliable but it’s not working
  • updated the thunderbird snap to 78.3, then 78.3.1 and rebuilt 68.12 for USN
  • reviewed the desktop ftbfses from the recent archive rebuilt

On leave all week, which you can see as the usual spike in the xorg backlog. :slight_smile:


4-day week

  • cups-filters: Converted CUPS’ cups-driverd daemon helper utility into a library function in libppd. It manages collections of PPDs and can assign the correct PPD to a discovered printer (identified by make, model, device ID). This is needed to easily retro-fit classic printer drivers into Printer Applications. After testing all its functionality I will commit it. Update: Committed
  • cups-filters: Released version 1.28.3 upstream and uploaded this one to Ubuntu, to get the problem of the driverless utility not always resolving DNS-SD-based CUPS device URIs solved for the Groovy beta.
  • pnm2ppa: Uploaded 1.13+nondbs-0ubuntu7 with fix overtaken from Red Hat and Debian, due to FTBFS on second Groovy test rebuild.
  • ipp-usb, sane-airscan: Still waiting for the security team to verify the MIRs for ipp-usb and sane-airscan.
  • Linux Foundation Mentorship Program: Mentoring the two IPP Scan students (Client, Server).
  • Google Season of Docs 2020: Mentoring our technical writer, doing corrections and received and accepted the first pull request.
  • Bugs.

GNOME (and friends)

  • Followed up in my gnome-initial-setup meson cleanups [MR, merged]
  • Fixed compilation in mutter gnome-3-28 branch when using recent mesa [commit]
  • Followups on gjs merge requests, some meged already, addressing other comments [!496, !494]
  • Some upstream reviews on libfprint
  • New libfprint TOD-1 (1.90.3) release :crossed_fingers:



I was off Monday for the Queen’s Birthday public holiday.

Ubuntu Core GDM experiment

  • With the new pc-kernel snap update, I was able to build an image with multiple base snaps (in this case, the root file system and core20) that would actually seed.
  • I had trouble getting the desktop session to talk to the snapped network-manager though: it seems the snap interface does not allow use of the org.freedesktop.DBus.ObjectManager API.
  • I also managed to get a version of the system group membership proposal working on the image: namely, adding an extrausers user account to the read-only sudo group.

“snapctl is-connected” improvements

  • I’ve been working on an update for snapd PR #9132 to allow checks by AppArmor profile name in addition to pid. On supported systems, this should provide a race free alternative to process ID lookups.

I handed off the patch for the security bug I was working on to the security team for release.


I was off Friday.


  • worked on LO segfault with gcc10 a bit. Turns out I couldn’t get the build failure on armhf groovy server because both gcc9 and gcc10 are installed. If I remove gcc9 though, the build does fail… just not the segfault I was expecting. Will ask for some guidance to move forward.

Network Manager

  • wrote test cases for netplan (currently in an internal google doc), working with Lukas to refine them. This included lots of research on supported settings in n-m, netplan, and what customers are using to come up with good test cases.
  • Merged netplan into the network-manager snap (not released yet though).

Everything Else

  • Working on refining PYTHONPATH change in snapcraft. the implementation has changed a few times but we’re nearly there, just needs some testing and should be merged this week.