Desktop Team Updates - Monday 26th April 2021

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 19th April 2021

  • fixed udisks failing to format exfat partitions with exfattools
  • created a proper vcs for power-profiles-daemon on salsa, thanks Gunnar for documenting how to do it!
  • Launchpad bugs triage post release
  • Helped Gunnar figuring out a regression with keyboard layouts in the settings due to a gnome-desktop backported changeset
  • Investigated some issues while triaging
  • snaps
    • updated thunderbird beta to 89.0b1
    • updated thunderbird stable to 79.10.0
  • sponsoring
    • libwacom fixes for the previously focal SRU from oem
  • reports
    • submitted a PR to make sru-report generate a yaml version, to be used for our version report
    • set up a simplified versions report for hirsute so we can track GNOME stable updates there
  • SRU
    • continued updating GNOME components to their current stable version in focal: gnome-chess, gnome-nibbles, gnome-online-accounts, polari, libsecret, gupnp
  • Other
    • one sick day
  • ADSys (Group Policy client for Ubuntu)
    • Finalized integration tests. Coverage now over 92%.
  • 21.04
    • Release testing
  • Misc
    • Customer calls
  • ADSys (Group Policy client for Ubuntu)
    • Finalized integration tests and coverage reports functionality on those integrations tests. We can now fully run them in CI, from testing cli interface to mock AD. Coverage is currently at more than 92%.
  • Misc:
    • customer calls

firefox24 firefox

chromium22 chromium

flutter24 Ubuntu Desktop Installer


Had Monday off as a public holiday.


  • Continued to work on polkit interface based on last week’s PR.
  • Created core20 PR #101 (since merged), porting the CI workflow from Travis to a trivial Github Actions one that saves the resulting snap as an artifact to allow for local testing.
  • Created core 20 PR #102, proposing to add libnss-mdns to the base snap in order to enable mDNS host name resolution (i.e. .local host names) for snaps built against that base. The impetus for this was @till-kamppeter needing name resolution for CUPS, but this should also help with e.g. a future version of the Chromium snap built on core20.


  • I prepared snapcraft PR #3504 (since merged), which fixes the fonts.conf fragment generated by the desktop extensions to expose fonts from the platform snap.
  • I prepared snapcraft PR #3509 (also merged), which makes use of a snapd 2.50 feature to not expose the host system fontconfig cache to the snap sandbox. This is intended to avoid any remaining problems where incompatible caches are exposed to the snap.
  • I merged @cjp256’s action-build PR #14, and tagged a new release of the snapcore/action-build Github Action. This adds support for a ua-token input parameter in preparation for Ubuntu 16.04 going into ESM.
  • CUPS Snap: When switching to core20 as base Snap I found out that the Core Snap does not do mDNS host name lookups (.local host names, generated by the host itself as part of the ZeroConf/mDNS functionality). These host names are especially important for accessing auto-discovered network devices, like printers, scanners, IoT, admin interfaces of routers, access points, smart home, … Found this thread which started in September 2019 and also this Launchpad bug originally reported on Chromium and discussed the problem in the thread. Created a workaround in the CUPS and PostScript Printer Application Snaps. The real fix in the core20 base Snap is povided as PR by @jamesh, he provided a test sample, I tested it, and it works. Thanks, @jamesh and @ogra for all the help. Also added libpaper support.
  • PostScript Printer Application: Also added the workaround for mDNS host name lookup as I did for the CUPS Snap. In addition added checking of the user’s location via locale-related environment variables and based on this use A4 or Letter as default paper size when a new print queue is created. Applied a patch for a PAPPL bug of changes of loaded media are not taken into account when printing.
  • PAPPL: Reported two bugs, one about canceling jobs and shutting down the Printer Application not possible when connection to the printer fails (Issue #163) and another about that if loaded media are changed in the web interface that the change is not applied to print jobs (Issue #164) (currently open and closed issues of PAPPL).
  • cups-filters: Merged pull request with contributions of GSoC 2021 student candidates, especially a severe memory leak of `pdftoraster, removed duplicate PPD file generator, and clean-up on the actually used PPD generator.
  • Google Summer of Code 2021: Organizational work for student selection, inviting mentors, answering mails from mentors of the LF sub-groups, …
  • Bugs.

27/04/2021 14:18


  • Big gjs memory fix branch finally merged! :fire:
    • However, I’ve found there’s still a dead-lock we’ve to handle :cry:
  • GLib: fixed registered state for shut-down GApplication MR
  • Found another GWeakRef bug and proposed a fix to upstream GLib MR
  • Registered GPatternSpec as boxed type and adapted to be fully introspectable MR
  • Fixed a tiny misusage of programname in gdbus tool MR


  • Uploaded a nautilus version fixing a crash on --version
  • Uploaded a noto-emoji fonts SRU for 20.04 including latest emoji supported by Unicode 13 PPA available for testing so you can see :face_in_clouds:, :face_exhaling: :heart_on_fire:, :smiling_face_with_tear: :disguised_face: :pinched_fingers: :anatomical_heart: :lungs: :ninja: :person_feeding_baby: :bison: :mammoth: :beaver: and more (and even more) properly…
  • Looking at backporting few more unicode/emoji related fixes for pango and gtk3