Desktop Team Updates - Monday 25th October 2021

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 18th October 2021

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  • Preparation of the release of 22.04.
  • Testing WSL on Azure.
  • Investigation to authenticate Ubuntu Desktop against Azure AD.
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  • Complete the WSL OOBE tests foruseradd/usermod and shutdown/reboot
  • Drafted WS009 and WS010 Specifications
  • Start working on WS009 with ubuntu-desktop-installer and ubuntu/WSL
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Desktop Installer

WSL Setup Wizard

Firmware Updater

  • Preparation of the release of 22.04
  • Testing WSL on Azure
  • Explore AAD
  • MIR new template review
  • Multiple PR reviews on WSL
  • New wsl-setup package in distro and opened MIR.
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  • CUPS Snap: Waiting for @ijohnson’s pull request on snapd for the cups printing interface to get merged by the snapd team (ETA: October).
  • cups-filters: Fixed bugs in texttopdf() filter function so that the universal filter function PR is ready for merging. While adding the remaining drivers to the Ghostscript Printer Application, found further bugs and fixed them: In pwgtoraster() with PPD do not modify header via IPP options (commit), parse device IDs with spaces correctly (commit)
  • pappl-retrofit: Fixes on bugs discovered when working on Ghostscript Printer Application: Use device ID as display string only if manufacturer matches (commit), on driver setup skip media sources/types/sizes without PWG name to avoid crashes (commit). Also let ghostscript() filter function stream out PDF when input is Raster (commit), to allow streaming jobs on PDF printers. This is now possible as we have Ghostscript 9.55.0 which has a bug fixed. And finally wrote a little utility to support the driver information files (*.drv) with which CUPS generates PPD files also in Printer Applications. Updated
  • Ghostscript Printer Application: Completed the addition of the old, often unmaintained drivers to the Snap: oki, pxljr, rastertosag-gdi, splix, brlaser, ptouch-driver. Also updated Now all regular printers with driver support in Debian are also supported by Printer Applications, the 4 Printer Applications in the Snap Store!
    OpenPrinting: On the OpenPrinting web site, added link to the Ghostscript Printer Application to the listings of the drivers which are newly added to the Snap.
  • Bugs.
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  • fixed fwupd translations missing from langpack as well as some small fixes to langpack-o-matic to improve logging and enable J
  • updated versions script to the new Ubuntu serie, created a report for impish
  • new cycle opening (created stable track for ubuntu-desktop-installer, activated the new serie in the canary ppa, …)
  • backported a candidate fix for a pulseaudio segfault on session closing
  • updated the iso testing jobs for J
  • report an meson bug
  • updated the thunderbird snaps, beta to 94.0b3 and 94.0b4 and stable to 92.2.1
  • sponsored the bluez update from Daniel
  • started Debian merges
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  • LO 7.2.2 snap: Failing to apply a patch that applied cleanly to 7.2.1. I respun the patch but the build still failed. Then I chased an apparent red herring in the skia external library that libreoffice pulls.
  • a couple of IS tickets to get the right access. should have this updated this coming wek.
  • nm bug: posted solution in bug for user to test
  • gnome-mahjongg and gnome-mines snaps: updated to gnome-3-38 and core20. gnome-tetravex requires a bit more work to bring up to date.
  • announced this Friday’s Indaba

firefox24 firefox

thunderbird24 thunderbird

  • created jammy branch, and uploaded 91.2.1
  • prepared 91.2.1 update for impish, tested and handed over to the security team for sponsoring
  • tested the 78.14.0 update for bionic, focal and hirsute, and handed over to the security team for sponsoring

chromium22 chromium

  • updated stable to 95.0.4638.54, tested and handed over to the security team for sponsoring
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