Desktop Team Updates - Monday 24th August 2020

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

We also have our weekly meeting on IRC. We meet on Tuesday at 13:30 UTC in #ubuntu-desktop on Freenode. There will be an “Any Other Business” section at the end where you are welcome to raise topics. These topics might be discussed during the meeting, or afterwards depending on the time, depth of conversation, topic and so on.

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 17th August 2020

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+1 maintenance rotation


  • Ported example lightning-talk-gong to use the new dbus package and then ported again to use the even newer desktop_notifications package. Thanks @robert.ancell for making this simpler

Snap Store:

  • Finished work on building libfwupd with libjcat as a part

:desktop_computer: Gnome Shell and friends:

:chart_with_downwards_trend: Bug tracking:

  • Routine QA lab and automated tests maintenance.
  • Continued on AD integration to Ubiquity.


  • Working on GNOME shell stack 3.38 packaging
  • Prepared mozjs78 packaging
    • Moved packaging to unique repo, creating stub redirecting files in old projects
    • Fixed riscv64 rust support
  • Prepared a NMU for meson, as it was causing a gjs build failure
  • Prepared gjs for debian (and groovy)


  • Found and fixed a test regression in armhf
  • Found (and fixed) test regression with s390x (and big endian in general)
  • Desktop Installer:
  • Flutter Snap:
    • Continued discussion on better IDE support for the flutter snap.
    • Tested workarounds for this via aa-exec, and modifying (sdk)/bin/flutter.
  • Package Updates:


  • reviewed golang-github-openprinting-goipp and golang-gopkg-ini.v1
  • reviewed sane-airscan
  • pushed to get a subscriber on khronos-opencl-clhpp
  • investigated a bunch of Golang dev packages being imported, ended up editing the seed to exclude automated pulling of -dev after discussing with Colin. Now, no more golang packages shows up in component-misatches!


  • Discuss with Marcus about desktop installer
  • Help Yaru team with repo migration and other questions
  • Migrated my blog on canonistack (self-hosted and moving home currently). Got some requests to bring it back up to be able to read the ZSys blog posts which became popular :slight_smile:

Not much to report as I took a summer break the last two weeks :sunglasses:.

firefox24 firefox

  • preparing 80.0 update

thunderbird24 thunderbird

chromium22 chromium



• 7.0 snap: removed tango and fixing patches, added polish language support. currently have a snap build that fails to upload to store. also icons aren’t quite right. currently investigating.
• readied 7.0.1~rc1-0ubuntu1 with gcc9 build in ppa, ran autopkgtests, and then it was uploaded to groovy. @laney , @marcustomlinson , @ricotz : thanks for all your help in this!
• worked on reproducing local armhf builds with armhf groovy on a pi 4. the problem now is that the tarballs dir is not being created… still needs more investigation


• Snapcraft: built and tested snapcraft pr regarding bindtextdomain for multiarch in the gnome extension
• NM Snap: had the bi-weekly meeting and next steps are to identify complete list of things needed to release 1.22.10 and discuss trategy for store track names

  • One day off
  • Continued on GNOME 3.37 packaging
  • Sponsored alsa, ucm, pulseaudio fixes and SRU from oem to enable new hardware

snapd dbus activation:

snapd themes API:

  • snapd PR #9043 (refactor access checking for snapd’s REST API) is still waiting on a security review.
  • I’ve been working on implementing the theme API, roughly implementing what we were doing with the REST API in snapd-desktop-integration. No pull request ready just yet.

snapd interface connection API:

  • snapd PR #9168 was merged, which split out the parts to have snapctl is-connected check that the named plug/slot exists.
  • snapd PR #9132 was rebased on top of those changes. It still needs some work to support CUPS’s use case of wanting to talk to host system processes and classic confined snaps. The plan is to have it return distinct non-zero exit codes for those cases. This way the command behaves similar to regular snapctl is-connected for scripts that treat the exit status as a boolean, while still providing the information needed.

Ubuntu Core GDM Spike:

  • I put the scripts I used to build the Ubuntu Core GDM images on Github with a GH Actions workflow to build the images.
  • The artifacts found on the successful builds at contain an image plus instructions on how to run it in GDM.
  • I updated the images to include a basic Ubuntu session that can be run unconfined, and make /usr/share/wayland-sessions writable in order to allow installing additional sessions.
  • Using this, @alan_g managed to get his egmde-confined-desktop snap running as a user session launchable from GDM.
  • I’ve also got a partially working strict confined Ubuntu session running:
  • It still needs more D-Bus slots to let it own all the D-Bus names it needs, and has no way to launch applications in other snaps.
  • Printer Applications/cups-filters: Reconsidered adding functions for reading out job/printer IPP attributes. PAPPL does it already for printer applications. What we need is to get what PAPPL delivers to us into the option list for the filter functions.
  • cups-filters: Merged IPP Fax Out support in the driverless utility by our LFMP student. It is principally working now. I am doing some fine tuning currently.
  • cups-filters: We have now filter functions for pstops, pdftops, pclmtoraster, rastertopdf, rastertopclm, rastertops.
  • cups-filters: Created a 1.x branch to approach version 1.28.0 for Groovy. The master branch has already departed to make it to 2.0.0, the next, Printer-Application-supporting generation of cups-filters. Bug fixes and IPP Fax Out support get cherry-picked into 1.x.
  • ipp-usb: The MIR got acknowledged by the MIR team and is now checked by the security team. Asked upstream author to eliminate dependency on the IPP.v1 Go library, as this one pulls in a dependency chain on Go libraries in Universe. The upstream author did the needed changes.
  • sane-airscan: Also the MIR for this package got accepted by the MIR team and gets checked by the security team now.
  • Google Summer of Code 2020: Continued mentoring work, answered student’s questions, explained them what is needed, … GSoC 2020 is approaching its end now. The students are now requested to write their final work reports and submit them until Monday. After that the mentors do the final evaluations.
  • Groovy: Updated my laptop to Groovy, all working, only Kernel 5.8.x does not boot, have to stay with Focal’s 5.4.x for now.
  • Linux Foundation Mentorship Program: The first approach of IPP Fax Out support via the driverless utility is merged and I am fine-tuning it for cups-filters 1.28.0 for Groovy. The other student is creating chroot jails for proprietary printer drivers and also working on a Printer Application for PostScript printers. For the IPP Scan project starting next week we are selecting our 2 students in the next days. 3 are discussing the project a lot with us.
  • Linux Plumber’s Conference 2020 (Virtual): The conference has started, and even if you do not have registered, everything is broadcasted live on YouTube (links will be activated soon before the sessions start) So you can tune in to the OpenPrinting microconference on Friday, August 28, at 2pm UTC. I also got a speakers gift package with headphones, a webcam, LED lighting, and a Libre Computer AML-S805X-AC “La Frite” (+ eMMC 5.x 8GB). Already did a first setup and tests with the device, will use it for the CUPS Snap and Printer Application tests.
  • Bugs.