Desktop Team Updates – Monday 24th April 2023

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates – Monday 17th April 2023

  • Reviewed LightDM PRs
  • Attempted to get LightDM tests working again.
  • gnome-control-center 44.1 release.
  • Some ISO testing for Ubuntu 23.04 which was released yesterday
  • Updated 23.04 with a fix from Daniel to fix a GNOME crash with Nvidia graphics
  • Reported an issue about the GNOME Characters search provider for Ubuntu 23.04 which Marco promptly prepared a fix for.
  • Copied the blackbox-terminal from Debian to Ubuntu 23.04 in case people want to try an alternative GTK4 terminal app. It’s written in Vala.
  • Worked with Sergio to update terminus to support GNOME Shell 44. It’s also written in Vala but currently use GTK3.
  • Some early packaging for GNOME 44.1 updates
  • Prepared for the Linux App Summit which starts this evening in Brno. If you are there, please say hi!

Other News

  • This week, for the first time, Fedora and Ubuntu had new stable releases in the same week. We’ll be celebrating with a release party tomorrow (Saturday) evening at the Linux App Summit.

Attended the release sprint in London.

  • Lots of bug triage and user support in Launchpad and upstreams. Backlog stats are here.
  • Helped with two partner projects this week.
  • Spent a lot of time looking at kernel DRM debug logs and got useful results (LP#1968040, LP#2016045).
  • Prepared a patch for unreliable session selection on jammy. Now in jammy proposed.
  • Triple buffering: Ported to 44.1, fixing a soft conflict.
  • Resumed bisecting and otherwise trying to explain the Intel performance regression. Success!? The kernel bug seems to be resolved already but was masking a Mutter bug that occurred around the same time. So the problem didn’t appear to go away even after the kernel driver got fixed.
  • Raspberry Pi performance testing for the 23.04 release. There is one main bug but I’m hopeful it’s essentially the same as the above issue.
  • Note that Phoronix performance regressions are not related to any of the above issues, as far as I know. They are separate bugs.
  • My NV12 mipmapping fixes finally landed in the upstream proposal.
  • Project planning for next cycle and beyond.

Back to Vienna from LAS 2023, departing to the Canonical Engineering Sprint in Prague Sunday morning.

  • Common Print Dialog Backends: Discovered some bugs during the testing when preparing the talk/demo on LAS 2023, received fixes from Gaurav Guleria, applied and tested in the hotel room on Friday night (midnight to 2am for me, must have been 3:30am - 5:30am for Gaurav in India), especially also for a crasher. Discovered another crasher during the demo (see video) and reported to Gaurav, received the fix today and applied it, rebuilt and re-uploaded all affected packages to the New Architecture PPA. Thanks, Gaurav, for quickly fixing the bug and making the demo possible.
  • GNOME Control Center “Printers” module and the New Architecture: More testing and some more bugs in the listing of available printers found. Reported them to Mohit Verma but did not get fixes yet.
  • Linux App Summit 2023 in Brno: Attended the conference with a Canonical Gang of 7 people, participated in the Canonical/Ubuntu Office Hours panel together with @hellsworth, @dloose, and @jbicha, met with Zdenek Dohnal (Red Hat printing maintainer) and Marek Kasik (printing GUI developer for GNOME) in a scheduled hallway session, and gave my talk with demo of the GUI support for the New Architecture. Recordings of the conference: Day 1, room 1, Day 2, room 1, Day 2, room 2. Direct links to all sessions are in the comments of the videos (thanks, Ban Jo @Enry211). See also Mastodon, #LAS2023 and #LinuxAppSummit.
  • Google Summer of Code 2023: Ranked all the proposals for OpenPrinting and also assembled the final ranking by mixing the rankings of each sub-organization of the Linux Foundation in zipper style, as Google wants a ranking from each mentoring organization. Google will then assign a number of contributor slots to us, automatically accept the appropriate number of contributors who were ranked best and reject the others. Also continued mentoring the contributors.
  • Bugs.
  • investigated indicator-messages segfaulting on logout due to accountsservice, included a fix from Marco
  • fixed the ubuntu-metrics images KPI, the parser was being confused by the new ubuntu-mini-iso
  • debugged default_de CI job failing for the new installer, the test rely on the assumption that the apt mirror selected would match the preseeded timezone which is not true with subiquity
  • submitted a fix for the legacy desktop ISO CI job which was broken by the recent fixes for the new installer
  • updated the non-english test for the new desktop installer, one of them assumed that the apt mirror would match the preseeded timezone which isn’t the case with subiquity
  • proposed a new testcase for the desktop minimal installation
  • Lunar ISO testing
  • fixed wrong ubuntu logo being used in gnome-control-center in darkmode
  • SRUed tepl/lunar to not use langpacks, the new gettext domain was not set up correctly in launchpad and we aren’t going to get new langpacks now so let the package include its translations indeed
  • fixed some of the daily ISO CI jobs issues
  • investigatged oem mode CI job failing, turned out to be a real bug
  • Sponsored a gdm SRU fix for unreliable session selection on nvidia
  • Discussion about fonts selection in snap