Desktop Team Updates - Monday 23rd May 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 16th May 2022


Azure Active Directory

  • Research on AAD and how to best integrate Ubuntu Desktop

Active Directory

  • more work on the adwatchd app: a Windows daemon that monitors a list of configured directories for changes and bumps versions of their respective GPT.ini files
  • improved coverage by integration testing the service and its interactive runner
  • tested the logrus hook for Windows Event Log
  • studied the bubbletea framework for creating a responsive and user-friendly UI for the first-run experience

Azure Active Directory

  • Research on AAD and how to best integrate Ubuntu Desktop

Active Directory:

  • Released adsys 0.8.5 with a bunch of fixes in kinetics, SRU it (in jammy unapproved right now).
  • Studied bubbletea framework.
  • Provided some help to Gabriel on integration tests


  • Provided some help to Carlos on subiquity ui testsuite


  • Some investigation on github issue import to Jira with automations
  • gnome-text-editor MIR review
  • technical test reviews

firefox24 firefox

thunderbird24 thunderbird

  • preparing 91.9.1 update for all stable releases

chromium22 chromium

  • updated all patches in the snap to add a Forwarded header
  • updated chromium-ffmpeg to version 107578 (chromium 103.0.5056.0), per request from Opera
  • updating beta to 102.0.5005.61

package24 other

  • conducted a technical skills interview for the Ubuntu on WSL software engineer position
  • Added features and fixes to snapd.dart to allow installing of classic snaps.
  • Reviewed proposal on how to set Ubuntu Pro logo in Plymouth.
  • Reviewed PRs.
  • Set up Ubuntu Core Desktop in QEMU.

Desktop Installer



Gnome-SDK branch gnome-42-2204 now fully builds, and their packages are updated to the last version.

Also I have some simple code that analyzes a .snapcraft file and all the repositories used and returns newer tags/branches.

  • Much of the week answering 22.04 release bugs and related upstream bugs.
    • The most popular desktop bugs are LP#1967121 and LP#1958191.
    • Keep in mind the vast majority of bugs reported are unique to a machine, or unique to a person’s configuration. So most of the effort goes into answering uncommon bugs. More volunteers wanted.
    • Backlog stats are here. Looks like gnome-shell, mutter and others have finally peaked four weeks after release.
  • Rewrote the max bpc branch for controlling display bandwidth to resolve code reviews.
  • Expanded the fix for overactive autohide in ubuntu-dock and in dash-to-dock on gnome-shell 42. Last week’s version didn’t work with all user customizations.
  • Started triaging and closing upstream GitHub dash-to-dock bugs with my new powers.
  • Work in progress designing a technical interview take-home-test for the new position of Software Engineer - Ubuntu Gaming Experience.


  • Merged the username validation on the server branch.
  • Merged the updates for WSL profile page to validate usernames with the new endpoint.
  • Worked with JP to stabilize the Flutter GUI integration tests.
  • Moved forward with the research and spec drafting for porting the WSL installer GUI to Windows.
  • Started troubleshooting a new installer GUI issue affecting Windows build 22610 and later.


  • Merged updates to who you are page to validate usernames with the new endpoint.
  • Made Ubuntu Wizard ProxyAssetBundle class not dependent exclusively on Linux. That will prevent test suite to fail on Windows when the WSL installer gets ported.
  • Reviewed a couple of support PR’s intended to sync Suibiquty client types with the Python API.
  • Landed a security fix for gnome-control-center to allow the RDP Desktop Sharing feature to be turned off.

  • webkitgtk 2.36 caused a regression in the Orca screen reader. Since this was pushed as a security update, we are pushing the initial orca fix through the security update channel to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, 21.10, and 22.04 LTS, probably tomorrow. Also let the Debian orca maintainer know so that the fix can land in the next Debian stable point release.

  • Refreshed my snap skills by helping Heather with a few snap updates of some GNOME apps, mostly converting to the recommended gnome-3-38-2004 platform and moving the repos to GitHub for easier access by contributors.

  • Started packaging a snap of the cheese webcam app

  • Switched the default text editor for Ubuntu 22.10 to gnome-text-editor

  • Switched the default sound server from PulseAudio to PipeWire for Ubuntu 22.10

  • Completed the gtksourceview4 -> gtksourceview5 transition for packages in Ubuntu main

  • Sponsored the Cinnamon 3.8 support addition to Debian’s bluebird-gtk-theme

  • Joined community sync sessions with Ubuntu Flavours

  • Filed a MIR for libsoup3.

  • gnome-shell 42.1 was accepted as a proposed update for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. It will probably be pushed as an update in about a week.

  • Had some talks accepted for DebConf, Debian’s official conference, which will be held this year in Kosovo in July. Talks are often video recorded and I believe there will be a streaming option for people who aren’t able to attend in person.

Other Happenings

  • There will be a PipeWire hackfest in Berlin this week. I don’t think anyone from Ubuntu will be able to attend this time.

  • There was a new osinfo-db release that includes Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and my improvements for the Debian and Ubuntu data.

  • Update network-manager to 1.38.0 in kinetic and then cherrypicked a change to fix the build with the invalid machine-id on the launchpad builders
  • Investigated openssl3 vs wpa issues
  • Updated gnome-settings-daemon for the pulseaudio to pipewire transition
  • Did some sponsoring
  • Set up a github workflow to automatic update the thunderbird snap for new stable versions in candidate
  • sponsored a gtk portal SRU for focal to fix fileselector use of filters
  • cherrypicked an upstream change for pkcs11-helper to fix openvpn authentification with smartcard which wasn’t working since openssl3
  • added autopkgtests to ell, libldac and wireplumber
  • updated deja-dup to the [new 43 serie][, including moving away from the oauth service google is going to shutdown
  • submitted a fix for the thumbnails not working in the cheese snap by not using bubblewrap since the environment is already confined


  • I updated upstream libseccomp PR #384 to pass their CI tests (update Python bindings, make sure copyright messages are in order), and have received one positive review so far. The change allows libseccomp to perform 32-bit argument comparisons on 64-bit architectures (i.e. int / unsigned int arguments to syscalls), for better correctness and added security. Once this is merged, we should be able to delete a bunch of code in snapd’s seccomp handling code working around the bug. I suspect it will be quite useful outside of snapd too.
  • Proposed snapd PR #11794 and got it reviewed/merged. This updates the removable-media interface to add map and execute permission for files on removable media. The main impetus for this was to allow the Steam snap to support a game library stored on removable media.
  • Provided review feedback on Alex’s snapd PR #11804, which fixes some problems in the D-Bus policy of the modem-manager interface that made it unusable by non-root users on classic systems.
  • Followed up on the forum discussion about a ~/Snap directory. I’m still of the mind that it’d be better to make the new directory opt-in for snaps if possible.

Ubuntu Core Desktop:

  • updated various components to get the prototype image into a functional state again. With a working base, the next step is to move the image forward to derive from core22 instead of core20.
  • cups-filters: Continued with restructuring towards the cups-filters 2.x release, continuing replacing direct PPD file access in the filter functions by converting PPD options and attributes to IPP printer attributes and control variables in the ppdFilterLoadPPD() function (which calls ppdLoadAttributes()) in libppd. Trying to avoid the need of wrapper filter functions in libppd but instead, only call ppdFilterLoadPPD() to generate the filter control data record for the call of the PPD-free filter functions of libcupsfilters. Added conversion of output bin and output order PPD options/attributes and also control of page logging by the filter functions. Also did a minor fix on the cfFilterExternalCUPS() filter function for capturing control log messages from the CUPS filter/backend called, needed for supply level checking.
  • pappl-retrofit: The supply-level readout addition of last week has caused a crash bug in the retro-fitting Printer Applications, caused by misplacing the calls for the status updated (which actually poll the ink levels) before and after printing, fixed the bug and rebuilt all Printer Applications in the Snap Store. Started work on finding out how to read out supply levels with embedded CUPS backend calls and found out that also CUPS backends need access to the PPD file. Made sure the PPD is also available when a printer uses a CUPS backend (commit). Found the way how to do it but no time to implement it (cups-filters 2.x release is more urgent).
  • CUPS Snap: Posted proposal for documentation on and worked out documentation with Graham Morrison in another thread.
  • "Printers & Scanners" module for GNOME Control Center: Created a Telegram group for the GSoC contributors, mentors, and upstreams, had some talk with @robert.ancell (upstream maintainer of G-C-C) about upstreamization, wrote longer e-mail to the upstream maintainers of the “Printers” module, Felipe Borges and Marek Kasik (both Red Hat), about the need to change it.
  • IPP-over-USB: Had some interesting discussion (initiated by the OpenPrinting Summit) with Alexander Pevzner (author of ipp-usb) and Smith Kennedy (firmware developer at HP) about too many quirks in printer’s IPP-over-USB implementations.
  • OpenPrinting/PWG Summit 2022: Attended the online conference on May 17-19. All slides as PDFs on the conference site.
  • GUADEC 2022 in Guadalajara, Mexico: Started planning the trip to Mexico.
  • Google Summer of Code 2022: We got 18 contributor slots for the Linux Foundation, all 8 projects for OpenPrinting are accepted! Had longer Telegram talk with the contributor on the Common Print Dialog Backends for the design of the CUPS backend regarding page size variants (ex.: A4, A4.Borderless, A4.Transverse, …) and their representation in a print dialog (we opt for one page size entry per actual size, and extra switches for borderless and orientation). Also had longer Telegram talk and a spontaneous video meeting today with the contributor for the native Gutenprint Printer Application on how he will get mentored and how to get started learning about Printer Applications and Gutenprint and about OpenPrinting on conferences.
  • Bugs.


  • Added option to display statistics in the popup indicator menu
  • Added option to display statistics in the top panel as indicators
  • Added option to switch overlay to horizontal or vertical
  • Added padding and margin options, removed need for sizing option
  • Added option to fade-in/fade-out the overlay when it is hovered over
  • Code refactoring

Steam Snap:

  • Testing & bug reproducing
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