Desktop Team Updates - Monday 20th June 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 13th June 2022

  • CUPS Snap: Waiting for my request for the CUPS Snap to auto-connect to the system’s cups-control interface be approved by the Snap Store team. @alexmurray could you check whether there is all OK now? It is very important to get this auto-connection working as we have already > 60000 installations of the CUPS Snap as dependency on application Snaps plugging the new cups interface.
  • cups-filters: Continued with restructuring towards the cups-filters 2.x release, continuing replacing direct PPD file access in the filter functions by converting PPD options and attributes to IPP printer attributes and control options in the ppdFilterLoadPPD() function (which calls ppdLoadAttributes()) in libppd. Also made cfFilterRasterToPWG() and cfFilterPWGToRaster() free of PPD file support and created appropriate ppFilter...() wrapper filter functions for them. Tested handling of media size, margins, and page geometry and found some issues. Did several improvements on the cfGetPageDimensions() and cfGenerateSizes() functions to solve the problems, especially also added support for page size variants in PPD files (A4, A4.Borderless, A4.Duplex, … differences in margins, sometimes even a bit in size), matching of custom page sizes, and pages rotated by 90 degrees.
  • Native Gutenprint Printer Application: Another video meeting with the GSoC contributor and Solomon Peachy (Gutenprint upstream developer) to talk about how the rastertogutenprint CUPS works and how to do the job processing in the Printer Application.
  • "Printers" module in GNOME Control Center: Started discussion about how to implement access to the web administration interface of an IPP printer/service, especially also whether to open it in GNOME’s own Window (or embedded) like the Captive Portals for Wi-Fi login or via the user’s web browser. We opted for the latter. Upstream Marek Kasik opened another feature request.
  • Linux Plumbers Conference 2022 in Dublin: Further organizational work for the OpenPrinting micro-conference, created proposals for all the planned topics, helped a speaker to get his proposal correctly posted.
  • GUADEC 2022 in Guadalajara, Mexico: Had some chat with one of the organizers of the mini-GUADEC in Berlin, a conference for whom is not able or does not want to travel to Mexico, with all the GUADEC talks being live-transmitted for public viewing and hackfest. Suggested him to host the Linux App Summit 2023 with his group. Thanks @jbicha for giving me the hint about this event and thanks @hellsworth to give a lightning talk about how to apply as LAS host on GUADEC.
  • Google Summer of Code 2022: The 8 contributors started coding and I had several meetings and chats with them to discuss their project work, answer their questions, help them get started, … before my next week’s vacation.
  • Bugs.

Desktop Installer

LXD Toolbox




Desktop installer

  • Proposed and merged a PR with infrastructure to make Subiquity startup support different strategies.
  • Reviewed some small pull requests (#927, #928, #930, #931, #932 and #936).


  • Proposed and merged a PR to let subiquity be started inside WSL from the GUI running on the outside host.
  • Fixed a funny behavior in Subiquity system_setup that would print the whole range of acceptable TCP ports.
  • Merged a PR to avoid Subiquity integration tests to fail due the system having more network interfaces than the expected timeout would allow.
  • Reviewed a spec and PR to delegate to the WSL launcher the distro upgrader request to reboot the distribution.

Azure Active Directory

  • Continue exploring the fields of possiblity to allow login for an AAD user, even if configured with MFA.
  • Discussed some alternatives for a browser in GDM/Lock screen with the team

Active Directory

  • Helped Gabriel on some data races triggered during tests + a small rewriting
  • Reviewed his adwatchd PR, merged some parts split in different PRs.


  • Reviewed a spec and PR to delegate to the WSL launcher the distro upgrader request to reboot the distribution.


  • MIR reviews for gsasl
  • Helped Edu with the upgrade to be performed in WSL and some packaging exercise.
  • helped with some of the firefox snap issues investigations
  • debugged evince failing to restore the document settings, which is due to the exo-open apparmor profile
  • investigated some missing translations in the connection editor, submitted some upstream fixes for vpn and libnma and updated the package and launchpad
  • reviewed and sponsored new poppler update from Nathan and some of the rdpends fixes
  • fixed the screen reader not working anymore with evince, the apparmor profile needed to be updated for the new at-spi socket location
  • reported the lerc MIR review feedback to the Debian BTS
  • opened a MIR request for webp-pixbuf-loader
  • reported webp-pixbufs-loader failing to build on big endian architectures to upstream
  • worked on fixing the versions cronjob after the p.c.c migration to a new machine

firefox24 firefox

chromium22 chromium

  • updated beta to 103.0.5060.53
  • updating dev to 104.0.5112.12
  • fixed building debs on armhf in the beta and dev branches

snapcraft24 snaps

package24 other

  • conducted a technical skills interview

Active Directory

  • Opened a couple of PRs on adsys to prepare for the introduction of the Windows daemon
  • Opened a big PR to integrate the Windows daemon into the adsys project – currently implementing didrocks’s reviews


  • Wrote a spec and PR to delegate to the WSL launcher the distro upgrader request to reboot the distribution.
  • Fixed bug in WSL that broke Ubuntu WSL < 22.04.


  • Finished up most onboarding tasks
  • snap’d orchis theme succesfully. pushed it to github but will open a pr upstream in gitlab and remove the github repo. This was my main task this week because there were a few red herrings to get a working result.
  • worked on theme snap blog post
  • 3 interviews

Short week for me :slight_smile:

Steam Snap

  • Tested a few more games

Bottles Snap

  • Test bump to GTK 4
  • Resolved some issues with the snap
  • GNOME Shell 42.2 landed in jammy-updates this week.
  • Updated rhythmbox in Debian and Ubuntu to 3.4.6. This was the first rhythmbox release in 2 years. Along with the switch to meson are new build tests. I temporarily skipped a test that fails only on arm64.
  • Submitted a merge proposal to allow running rhythmbox’s build tests more easily without having rhythmbox’s gsettings schemas pre-installed
  • Completed the tesseract & x264 transitions for Ubuntu 22.10
  • Forwarded our spice packaging diff to Debian to allow Ubuntu to sync future Debian packaging updates, if my merge proposals are accepted.
  • Packaged glibmm2.68 which are the glib bindings for C++ GTK4.
  • I did some further investigation of gnome-tour as a potential .deb package. gnome-tour is a minimal rust app. I wasn’t able to get the 41 version to build unvendored because of a mismatch in the libhandy dependency available in Debian. The 42 version is blocked because the rust libadwaita bindings aren’t in Debian yet. I think we’ll be able to get those bindings in to Debian this year which should allow gnome-tour to be packaged and the new loupe image viewer app. This was my first time working with devendoring a Rust app and I learned a bit more about how the Debian Rust team packages libraries.

Other People’s Work