Desktop Team Updates - Monday 18th November 2019

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week.

If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse.
We also have our weekly meeting on IRC. We meet on Tuesday at 13:30 UTC in #ubuntu-desktop on Freenode. There will be an “Any Other Business” section at the end where you are welcome to raise topics. These topics might be discussed during the meeting, or afterwards depending on the time, depth of conversation, topic and so on.

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Update - Desktop Team Updates - Monday 11th November 2019

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libreoffice24-margin libreoffice

:clipboard: other

  • Compliance training.
  • Some testing of Focal in a VM.
  • Bug triaging and USN refreshes.
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  • Attended Product Roadmap Sprint
  • Fixed snap build of gedit
  • Submitted fix to fwupd to allow confined snaps access and SRU’d to Eoan Bug 1852485
  • Help get gnome-firmware snapped, currently awaiting manual review in the store
  • USN Refreshes
  • Testing of gnome-3-34 extension
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firefox24 firefox

chromium22 chromium

  • stable updated to 78.0.3904.97 in all supported releases
  • submitted a snapd PR to add “apt” to the white list of URL schemes allowed by the xdg-open wrapper
  • fixed interpreting multiple flags in ~/.chromium-browser.init

package24 other

  • attended Linux App Summit 2019 in Barcelona (4 days):
    • some interesting talks
    • handing over free 19.10 t-shirts and snapcraft stickers
    • lots of good hallway conversations
    • catching up with old friends
    • we ran a snap packaging workshop where I helped someone snap their rust GTK application
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  • Zsys:
    • Big work on CI this week via github actions (check some status at, here is related code:
      • Each PR/commit has some code sanity check (style and format), in parallel, build tests (in a container) is done and a real system tests are done (after upgrading the VM to eoan from bionic for zfs compatibility). The advantage compared to the previous system (on Travis CI, now decomisionned) is that while the tests are taking ~20 min (due to the dist-upgrade, which is still less than the 40 minutes on Travis), we get immediately (less than a minute) the results on formatting, generator run, code quality and build status on the PR.
      • Automate PO update (only if new relevant content, ignoring inline diff) is made and README updates (if any new commands is changed). This is done for each update on master. For instance, this commit triggers this PR for po* for po) and this PR for README, which is then autoaccepted and merged into master. Each action is independant of each other and CI tests are then reran on master as needed.
      • Implements command updates so that “/rebase” on a PR for instance rebase automatically the current PR.
      • Auto-update daily a docker container ready for build/tests ran. This one is uploaded automatically on github docker container package hub. However, a limitation on Github Action prevents you from reusing them in tests (and this is under work). We will be able to reduce even more the CI loop test in the future once implemented.
      • Raise some issues to the Github teams and fixed some actions like rebase action.
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  • Canonical Product Roadmap for the week, including travelling during the weekends
  • Busy in meetings there for most of the week
  • Tested gnome-firmware snaps which works
  • Figured out on the way that secure boot needs to be disabled on my XPS for firmware updates to work, thanks Mario for helping and forwarding the problem report at the right place!
  • Launchpad bugs triage
  • Trello board 19.10 updates
  • Sponsored the fwupd 19.10 SRU
  • Continued doing some of the Canonical online training
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  • Fixes for grub ZFS issues found by eoan users and added associated tests to grubzfs testsuite:
  • Verified images of Focal with latest Ubiquity changes and updates for ZFS.
  • Enabled automated preseeded tests for focal.
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I attended the Linux App Summit where I gave a talk, had lots of great conversations, helped run the event, helped a new person create their first snap, and other neat things. I was traveling for this from Nov 10 - 17 so this is where 100% of my time went.

Plan for W47

  • Glimpse:
    • rebuild i386 to get newer ubuntu packages for my first USN
    • get x86 build into store
    • get cleanups merged upstream that were applied in the GIMP snap
  • gnome-3-34 extension
    • Fix build-environment bug
    • Push for a review and merge of the new extension
    • Write a blog post about the new snapcraft extension as soon as it’s been merged
  • Help out with forum posts
  • cherrytree
    • figure out theming issue
    • submit PR to upstream project adding snap info
    • mirror project in LP and get LP to build snap
    • get snap into store
  • Compliance training
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  • Prepared a branch to make mutter to be smarter at choosing clipboard mimetype depending on target to fix #919
  • Lots of “active” reviewing of libfprint v2 API
  • Tests for fingerprint readers in new HW
  • Briked and then unbricked a thinkpad bios :slight_smile:
  • cups-filters: Released 1.25.12, to address the bug of grayscale jobs not printed on PostScript printers when Poppler is used as PDF interpreter (Upstream issue #169), to allow printing on printers which claim to accept PWG Raster but actually do not print this format (Upstream pull request #168, upstream issue #171), and to eliminate all compiler warnings when building the package.
  • cups-filters: Updated the PPD generator adding all changes of the PPD generator of CUPS: Support for “job-account-id”, “job-accounting-user-id”, “job-password”, finishing options “trim-…” added, finishing options and “finishing-col-database” support synced with CUPS.
  • cups-filters: Several bug fixes in the PPD generator and in cups-browsed.
  • CUPS, printing-stack-snap: IRC meeting with @kenvandine. He told me that @sabdfl asked for having the printing stack and printer drivers as snaps in 20.04. Discussion about technical viability, needs to be discussed with @jamesh. Main task for this cycle.
  • Avahi: No further news about progress from Trent. Trent we need it for an 20.04 LTS with CUPS and the printer drivers all in Snaps!
  • Linux Plumbers Conference 2019 in Lisbon: The videos are out, icluding the one of the OpenPrinting Micro Conference.
  • Completed the Canonical online training sessions
  • Bugs.
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  • Uploaded SRUs for gnome-software containing the new banner support and fix for launching snaps from notifications.
  • Ported snapd-glib from Autotools to Meson - I was motivated to finish this due to feedback about copyright on included files in the source that come from autotools/gtk-doc.
  • Made snapd-glib release(s) and uploaded to focal.
  • Landed MRs in gnome-control-center.
  • Fixed broken link in g-c-c.
  • Updated laptop from 8GB to 16GB of RAM (need the RAM to test all the supported released in VMs).
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