Desktop Team Updates - Monday 17th October 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 10th October 2022


National holiday last Wednesday


  • Contributed to WSL end-to-end testing framework Ubuntu/WSL 291, Ubuntu/WSL 295

  • Worked on PR to add more integration tests Ubuntu/WSL 292, Ubuntu/WSL 293

  • Investigated bug where Ubuntu WSL did not set the right upgrade policy (Report rejected: only observed in my machine, cannot replicate after clean install of Appx)

  • Provided feedback in to E2E-related PR Ubuntu/WSL 294


  • One PR, multiple outcomes snapcore/snapd 12179:
    • Added distinction between WSL1 and WSL2.
    • Fixed bug where snap was disallowed on WSL2, which had been hidden until I fixed the broken detection of WSL last week. (Fixes 1991826)
    • Improved detection of WSL (Fixes 1991823)


Prepared my repo for this year’s Advent of Code!



Desktop Installer




  • improve YaruIconButton (#264) and YaruMasterTile (#281)


  • use updated yaru layout widgets to restore AppProgressBar (#102)
  • fix confirmation dialogs (#103) (smallest PR so far \o/)
  • show warning when running without AC power (#104)
  • add small workaround for issues with fwupd 1.7.5 (#105)
  • start adding widget tests for stable parts of the UI (#106)
  • Wrote a blog post celebrating my 13th anniversary of my first Ubuntu bugfix.
  • Worked with Zoe to prepare her first Ubuntu SRUs
  • Cherrypicked various fixes in preparation for this week’s Ubuntu 22.10 release in glib, gnome-shell, mutter, and tracker-miners
  • Packaged the bugfix updates for Debian and Ubuntu 22.10 for freerdp2, gnome-builder, gnome-session, gnome-terminal, gtksourceview5, libpanel, and libsoup2.4
  • Sponsored the gnome-epub-thumbnailer, libfprint, blueprint-compiler, and wike updates.
  • Tweaked the gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect packaging to please Debian’s piuparts, which is required for it to migrate to Testing
  • cups-filters: Code clean-up work for the cups-filters 2.x release continuing, now did the clean-up of libppd and of all the test suite programs of the different libraries. Also moved the test suite programs into the correct directories. Moved the filter functions for calling external filter executables back from libppd to libcupsfilters (now with the name cfFilterExternal() and ppdFilterExternalCUPS() being a wrapper), as it is also useful in native printer applications, as it allows using filters written in non-C languages or proprietary, closed-source filters. Also added support for System V interface scripts to the function (they are similar to CUPS filters but take input from named file, not from stdin). This was inpired by the work of GSoC contributor Chandresh Soni on the Braille Printer Application where he needs to embed shell-script filters into the native (not using PPD files) Printer Application.
  • GNOME Control Center “Printers” module: @elioqoshi suggested to me to file an internal issue report about the UI/UX design needs for the new functionality, so that the work gets added to the Ubuntu 23.04 development cycle. So I posted the report with links to all the work and also write-ups about the motivation. @elioqoshi will not be on the Engineering Sprint in Prague, unfortunately.
  • Retro-fitting Printer Applications/pappl-retrofit/PAPPL: Updated pappl-retrofit to work with Michael Sweet’s fix for string-type user-settable options (passwords, fax numbers, …), so that the Printer Application Snaps do not need patches on PAPPL and pappl-retrofit any more. Also updated the 4 retro-fitting Printer Applications appropriately. In addition did updates on the Snaps for the most recent API changes in cups-filters (merged libfontembed, cfFilterExternal() in libcupsfilters, see above) and updated them all to Ghostscript 10.00.0, which has especially a faster PDF renderer and latest support functionality for PPD-less printing.
  • Ubuntu Summit 2022: @ilvipero got COVID and Sam Adams was on vacation so I tried to help somewhat more on the organization of the Summit. Reviewed more talks submissions, identified submissions which we cannot reject, listed workshop and talk submissions about Snap and Flutter and listed all the dependencies (especially workshop B needs the knowledge tought in workshop A, talk C is a great teaser/preparation for workshop B), taken the lead on half of the weekly meeting, found out about the equioment in the rooms and how to run OpenPrinting BoFs with remote participants, a gaming night where attendees can bring their tinkering work, answered questions of submitters, and nagged the team doing the scheduling to fulfill all the dependencies …
  • Google Summer of Code 2022: Continued mentoring our remaining 3 great contributors. Usual Telegram chats, video meetings, Pull Requests. Also helped the others with the upstream integration of their work. Evaluated all the first 4 as having passed the program. Now, after the deadline for the mentor’s evaluations has passed, the contributor’s evaluations got revealed and all the 4 praised my work as mentor a lot.
  • Bugs.

firefox24 firefox

thunderbird24 thunderbird

  • prepared the 102.3.3 update and handed over to the security team

flutter24 Ubuntu Desktop Installer

flutter24 Ubuntu Store

  • snap-store bug: @SergioCostas and I did some further testing and verification of the bug. There are 2 issues here: autostart line needed in snap-store app (fixed here), and notifications are not being populated. For the latter, it is worth noting that the snap-store does not use the same gnome-software mechanism to create notifications, but rather update-notifier and update-notifier may not be aware of firmware updates - more investigation on this is needed.
  • Setup next indaba. The topic is Kinetic Kudu! Join myself, @kenvandine , @local-optimum , @kewisch , @adamszopa , and @rs2009 - Rudra Saraswat from the new Unity Flavor!
  • Flutter snap workshop prep: Created base flutter app and tried to snap it. Talked with Ken and Sergio about plan to provide flutter snap plugin for core22 snaps. I will look at adding this plugin after the release, while people are at the product sprint.
  • WRG (Womens Resource Group): got access to sales force and can make POs for the various WRG initiatives
  • Ubuntu Summit: Thanks @kewisch for helping me publish a new blog post trying to convince people to attend the event in person :slight_smile: Also published another newsletter
  • Did a new release of blueprint-compiler 0.4.0-1. Turns out the s390x build was broken so we did another release 0.4.0-2. Thanks to @jbicha for the mentorship and upload!
  • Catch up on all the things after being away for a week.
  • Investigating of how snap and deb searches are combined.
  • requested for the firefox snap to have access to /etc/firefox following the fix for autoconnect from Alexandre
  • removed the speech-dispatcher update to add socket activation from kinetic-proposed, it hasn’t migrated and the patch has issues, we will try again next cycle
  • reviewed incoming launchpad bugs before the release
  • worked on improving the ISO tracker testscases for Canary, bringing them closer from the regular desktop image
  • desktop ISO testing
  • reported some issues with the canary installer


  • Implemented the (blazingly fast :crab: ) mount handler for user level mounts;
  • Some PR reviewing;
  • Started with the testing for the mount handler binary.

Steam Snap

  • Started work on a convenience script to collect system info for reporting
    • This is now in edge
  • Tested games on our newest mesa builds
  • Updated MangoHUD to core22 (still non-functioning)
  • Troubleshot some issues