Desktop Team Updates – Monday 10th April 2023

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates – Monday 3rd April 2023

  • Lots of bug triage and user support in Launchpad and upstreams. Backlog stats are here. This is taking up even more time than usual as we approach release.
  • Helped with 2 partner projects this week.
  • Fixed a little triple buffering warning (LP#2014136)
  • Back on the top gnome-shell crasher in lunar (LP#1974293):
  • Easter break starts now so I’m posting this early.
  • Packaged GNOME Boxes 44.1. Includes fix for the bug Seb reported about the app not allocating the memory that was set for it.
  • Update the Boxes packaging to reduce our diff with Debian
  • Reuploaded the user-session-migration package to Debian NEW which is a prerequisite for eliminating the last gnome-boxes diff with Debian. Syncing the package will help both Debian and Ubuntu get package updates easier and faster.
  • Updated the recommended-url in GNOME Boxes to use Launchpad for Ubuntu instead of Salsa.
  • Mentored Jarred to make several improvements to osinfo-db (which powers Boxes and more)
  • Updated Ubuntu 23.04’s Shotwell so that it actually includes the patch it needs to support webp. Also included a build fix. Forwarded these to Debian too. (The Ubuntu Shotwell package is waiting for review by the Release Team because we are in Beta Freeze.)
  • Updated the 23.04 Nautilus package with several fixes
  • Packaged gstreamer 1.22.1 for Ubuntu 23.04 & Debian Experimental. Now I need to figure out some build test failures caused by changes in dependencies since 1.22.0.
  • Packaged a few more GNOME 44 things.
  • Fixed a few things stuck in lunar-proposed
  • Helped Ubuntu Unity to set their default wallpaper
  • corectrl landed in Debian so I synced the package over to Ubuntu 23.04 too.
  • Submitted a talk proposal for GUADEC in late July

Desktop Installer

  • Set up snapd-desktop-integration for translations, it’s the component used to prompt users about snap themes installations or which is going to let them know that they can close their application to get it refreshed to a newer revision
  • Contributed to the discussion about desktop plans for next cycle
  • Landed the daily ISO CI job update for the new installer, we are back at having automatic pending->current promotion according to the job results
  • Wrote a MIR for dbus-broker as we want to replace dbus-daemon by it next cycle
  • SRUed a wpebackend bugfix update which was requested during the MIR review for J. We need wpe promoted to be able to build newer webkitgtk version where the depends isn’t optional anymore
  • tried to resolve the fonts-ubuntu duplicated entries due to the compat symlinks
  • updated thunderbird to the new 102.10.0 (stable channel snap and lunar deb)
  • backported accountsservices upstream fixes for invalid reads errors impact indicator messages and others
  • cherrypicked a build fix for rhythmbox
  • cups-filters: Released the release candidates (2.0rc1) of the 4 components libcupsfilters, libppd, cups-filters, and cups-browsed and updated the Lunar packages in time for the Final Freeze on Thursday. To prepare for this checked through all the repositories for not yet merged pull requests, assignments of GSoC candidates, and done some further testing, partially motivated by the bug reports and experiences from the GSoC candidates, especially got orientation-requested (page layout orientation, landscape, upside-down, …), suppressing auto-rotation of images, image scaling by ppi, plain text printing in landscape, auto-rotation in printer’s preferred direction, 16-bit color output when printing images, clean white background when printing in 1-bit dithering, using filter functions without printer capability info and/or without specifying page size, color printers not default to gray when they report “auto” as color mode, cups-browsed prefer sending Apple Raster instead of PDF for more reliability (Bug report) working. Also continued preparing for libcups3 support together with a GSoC candidate (for 2.1.0).
  • Common Print Dialog Backends: Gaurav Guleria is currently working on getting the merge request for CPDB support in the Qt print dialog merged. With that and the GTK dialog we are not yet ready, as several applications have their own dialogs which also need CPDB support, but a GSoC candidate, mentored by Gaurav, is already working on this. Naturally this needs also support from the respective upstreams, so I reached out: Feature request for Mozilla (Firefox/Thunderbird), Mailing list posting for LibreOffice (after some IRC chat on #libreoffice-dev) and e-mail to some people of Chrome OS’ Paper I/O team. Only from the LibreOffcie developers I got a reaction. They have taken my inquiry to their meeting and I have answered to their meeting minutes on the list. This answer shows especially the importance of getting CPDB into the apps dialogs instead of bolting the GTK dialog (also via distro patch as last mean) onto them.
  • Google Summer of Code 2023: The candidates are continuing to prepare for their projects and the mentors have an eye on them whether they are starting well before the final decision to accept them and ask Google for a contributor slot is done. Also reaching out to upstream maintainers to help mentoring and to see whether they would accept such a contribution. Adding mentors to the team to not have to mentor all of them alone and also for Google to accept our request for the desired count of contributor slots.
  • Bugs.