Desktop Team Trello board

Hi everyone,

The desktop team use a number of tools to keep track of what we’re working on.

We use Launchpad for bugs etc, but we’re also using Trello to track other work which doesn’t neatly fit in to a single LP bug.

The main board for the 17.10 Artful cycle is public (for read access) here:

We’ll start another board for 18.04 probably next week (w/c 25th Sept 2017). EDIT: See link below.

Our workflow can be summarised as:

  1. Things we would like to work on go in to the Proposed column
  2. We have a meeting (usually a hangout) to go through that column at the start of each cycle, and a few times more during the early stages of the cycle, to move things that we will work on in to the Backlog column.
  3. The backlog column is a lightly-ordered (on priority) list of features and bugs. Where we know who will work on a card we assign it to them, where its not decided we leave the assignment blank. We also add a coloured tag to indicate which component that card is associated with. This helps with filtering views on the board.
  4. When something in the backlog is being worked on it goes in to the In Progress column. Comments and updates are added to the cards.
  5. If something can’t be worked on further it goes in to the Blocked column with a note about why it’s there. If something won’t be completed in the current cycle it can go back to Backlog or more likely Proposed ready for review next cycle.
  6. When a card is completed it goes in to a Done column for that month. This helps us visualise what got done done. The Done columns combined help us to write the release notes.
  7. Wont Fix is for things that got cancelled or now don’t need doing. If something still needs working on it should be in Proposed or Backlog.

This cycle we’ve found Trello to be a really useful way to keep track on what everyone is working on, what needs to be done next and what still needs to be worked on. Hopefully you will be able to get a useful insight into what’s going on in Desktop land at a high level. If you’d like to talk about a card or have suggestions for things to consider next cycle, please feel free to start a Hub post about it and we can discuss it.

Cheers, Will


Here’s the link for the 18.04 board for those playing at home:

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