Desktop Team Integration Squad Updates – Monday 29th April 2024

Hi everyone, below you will find updates from the Desktop team’s Integration squad from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse.

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Integration Squad Updates – Monday 22nd April 2024

  • Dropped the transitional glib library package added in an attempt to smooth the Y2038 t64 transition for apt, but at least for Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS → 24.04 LTS ended up doing the opposite
  • Cherrypicked a fix before release for the restored system monitor extension in the GNOME Classic set (gnome-shell-extensions)
  • Did the upstream GNOME 45.6 release
  • Revendored several Rust+libadwaita packages for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS just before Release Day to enable them to be buildable since there was not time to handle the complicated rust-zbus 4 update
  • Cherrypicked Matthias Geiger’s work to vendor just the Rust GTK3 libraries for Qwertone, the only Rust+GTK3 app in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS since we had already dropped the Rust GTK3 packages since they are no longer updated and are not compatible with the Rust GNOME 46 packages. Partial vendoring is an interesting concept; if it had been proven out more and/or if we had more time, we could have done it for the apps affected by rust-zbus 4.
  • Fixed the Alacritty terminal app not being buildable in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS and not working on Wayland. This fix is a noble-proposed update because the app was unintentionally included in Ubuntu Cinnamon 24.04 LTS and we didn’t have time to rebuild ISOs for that fix.
  • Updated freerdp3 in Debian to the latest security update version and include several packaging improvements from Bernhard Miklautz
  • Updated a few packages like Aisleriot in Debian that needed a debian/watch update to adapt to the updated software running at . Most of the GNOME watch files are set to watch instead. I guess this issue will also affect other Gitlab instances like Freedesktop.

Other News

  • The Debian Release Team has begun migrating Y2038 t64 updates from Unstable to Testing
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