Desktop Team Integration Squad Updates – Monday 10th June 2024

Hi everyone, below you will find updates from the Desktop team’s Integration squad from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse.

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Integration Squad Updates – Monday 3rd June 2024

  • Submitted Main Inclusion Requests for sysprof and its 2 universe library dependencies
  • Created manual test plans for sysprof and GNOME Builder in support of those MIRs
  • Creating the test plan helped me notice a few things to improve in the sysprof packaging
  • Prepared a GNOME Builder SRU for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS using that test plan
  • Uploaded webkit2gtk 2.45.3 (an alpha) to Oracular. The font rendering was switched to Skia for amd64 & arm64. This along with another optimization has sped up the build on those architectures (too bad the riscv64 build is still very slow).
  • Enabled Tecla integration for GNOME Shell for Oracular (and Debian Experimental)
  • Began packaging for Papers, an Evince fork and sort-of replacement
  • Noticed that tracker and tracker-miners are changing their names this cycle to tinysparql and localsearch and filed bugs to let people know early
  • Forwarded the Ubuntu diff for libheif to Debian, enabling the package to be autosyncable
  • Switched the GNOME Boxes packaging to use debhelper compat 14. This compat level is marked as in development in part because it doesn’t have enough real use yet. I’d like to see it marked as stable in time for the next major Debian release next year.
  • Prepared SRUs for osinfo-db (used by the download an OS feature in GNOME Boxes) for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and 24.04 LTS

Select Highlights from May

  • Updated debian/watch files for several packages that watch GNOME or Freedesktop Gitlab since newer versions of the Gitlab software slightly changed the way the tags page works and uscan can be very sensitive to those changes
  • Packaged most of GNOME 46.2. We’ll be SRUing important fixes to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS this month
  • Did the evolution 3.52 and poppler 24.02 transitions in Debian
  • Enabled build tests for freerdp3 with help from Nathan Teodosio. Nathan also contributed the autopkgtests (which is being added to freerdp2 too).
  • Worked with Marco Trevisan and the Ubuntu Security Team to release the gnome-remote-desktop security and bugfix for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS