Desktop Launcher Shortcut

I am fairly new to Ubuntu and I am having a problem creating a desktop launcher shortcut.

I have been able to create the shortcut and get the icon and executable path etc. but when I try to launch it the terminal window will pop up very fast then immediately close.

I have verified that there are execute permissions on the desktop launcher file and the executable I am trying to launch with the

chmod +x ‘filename’ command.

I can execute it within a terminal with no issue, but not via the desktop

this is a python file that has been compiled with ‘pyinstaller’.

I’m wondering if there is just a switch i am missing or something.

My desktop launcher file is:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=gnome-terminal -e “/home/MYUSERNAME/Downloads/ooeyguiv2/dist/ooeygui/”
Comment=OoeyGUI MESS v2

What Ubuntu version and which desktop environment do you use?

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