Desktop Icons Options

I honestly think having options to show network folder(s) and trash/rubbish bin along with personal folder would be beneficial. Similar to the way we can currently show/hide them on Ubuntu Dock. Thoughts?

There are more options, they’re just not implemented in gnome-control-center. To get to them:

  1. sudo apt install gnome-shell-extension-prefs

  2. Launch the ‘Extensions’ app.

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Yes you are correct, but I was coming from the everyday user perspective. :slight_smile:

Before 22.04 those options were easily available via right click -> Desktop Icons Settings. Due to this patch you are now taken to the Appearance section in Settings instead.

Personally I found that patch unnecessary at the time and still do.

Really? I love that makes it more professional since it is integrated along with Ubuntu Dock settings into the office GNOME Setting.

Me to. I don’t want to drop the DING stuff from g-c-c; it fits well there. But for a user who is aware of the right click menu, I think that the Desktop Icons Settings option should open the original DING options rather than redirect to g-c-c.

I would support dropping that patch since it:

  • Gives the user inferior options; and
  • Has caused a regression that slows me down personally.

Although we could just fix the patch and provide multiple appropriately worded options.


Another possibility is to half-cook the patch, keeping the original entry in the DING menu, and keeping those kick access in g-c-c.

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Not sure what half cooking the patch would mean, but I don’t think it needs to exist at all. Just delete “Use-the-Ubuntu-Appearance-panel-to-display-settings-in-th.patch” and instead change gnome-control-center:

Settings > Ubuntu Desktop > Desktop Icons

to be a button that launches:

gnome-extensions prefs

CC @robert.ancell ?

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@vanvugt With “half-cooking” I mean to fully remove the change in DING, but keep the changes in gnome-control-center (although adding a button for “More options”).

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By the way, the GNOME Shell extensions preferences app isn’t installed by default in Ubuntu.


I think you mean gnome-shell-extension-prefs isn’t installed by default. That package is just a couple of shell scripts and arguably doesn’t need to exist…

The real apps are actually built into gnome-shell itself, so are installed by default in Ubuntu:

  • Command line tool gnome-extensions is in binary package gnome-shell.

  • “Extensions” GUI app is in binary package gnome-shell-common and you can run it directly:
    gjs /usr/share/gnome-shell/org.gnome.Extensions


I would not drop the patch - the DING settings are at the level of gnome-tweaks so not suitable for general users. Like Tweaks, an advanced user should be able to reasonably easily find this tool.

If these settings are appropriate for enough users, then we should implement them in Settings.


I disagree that the DING settings are unsuitable for general users, have a look at them here. Also Tweaks isn’t a great example because it still contains some options that really need to move into Settings, like enabling two fingers to right click.

Back on the topic on DING though, although it would be nonzero work, I think long term replacing the DING toggles with a link to the full DING dialog would be a lower maintenance burden. Also a lower support burden as more people will find the options without having to ask us.

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