Desktop icon in 19.04+

I am glad Ubuntu is supporting desktop icons, I had a few questions regarding it. Will there be options in Gnome Settings a la Ubuntu Dock to remove icons we don’t want i.e. Trash (Rubbish bin), Home folder, Mounted Volumes, etc.? Right now it can be done via Gnome Tweaks. But not everyone is that savvy to look there, let alone know that it is available to install on a stock Ubuntu system.
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Clearly they should as gnome-tweaks, while it can configure the ‘built-in’ desktop-icon extension, has no idea that it is already (pre)installed.
Your comment, " let alone know that it is available to install on a stock Ubuntu system." shows the tip of possible confusion…

Clicking on the extension itself in gnome-tweaks encourages the user to install what amounts to a 2nd version of the extension to ill effects.


No settings regarding removing desktop icons seems to work. Not in gnome tweaks not in dconf…

Already seeing some reports of 2 sets of defaut icons on the Desktop, likely caused by 2 versions of the extension being installed/enabled…
Worse yet any added will also be duplicated.
Method of enabling this needs to be rethought or maybe fix the tweak tool to recognize the Ubuntu packaged extension

What icons?
In Ubuntu Gnome 19.04:
A total of two.
Where is the freedom, and the ease of use and convenience of drag and drop,
and ability to easily use apps on the desktop, without the intrusion of the favorites dock or dash,
and the ugly and awkward caveman dash and dock that does not even work.
In 19.04 Gnome a desktop link is reduced to a text file, when you click on it.
So no easy way to do anything, why not get rid of the gnome desktop altogether , since the developers do not really want anyone to use it.
Windows 10 users would flee in horror when trying to use Ubuntu gnome 19.04 desktop.
Do you really want billions of user to stay with Microsoft, or do you want them to switch to Ubuntu?

Better than the default where you can’t even put icons on the desktop.

Right now, Unity is using Nemo for desktop icons support, which also supports dragging and dropping with Nautilus (just tried). Dunno if that’ll work with GNOME Shell

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Thank you for this interesting information.
Although formerly I did not like Unity, it seems that if I want a real functional desktop , I should abandon Ubuntu Gnome and switch to Unity.
I already abandoned Ubuntu Gnome 19.04 and switched back to 18.04.
By the way, what version of Ubuntu Unity are we talking about?

Hi @bavarianph, see the discussion about Unity on 19.04 here. It’s pretty stable now.

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I am currently on 19.10. My dad’s desktop & laptop is also on Unity with 18.04, and he’s fine so far. I also had good experience with it when I was testing it on 19.04.

The only problem I experienced (IIRC) is that <Meta>+<Ctrl>+<PgUp> custom keyboard shortcut wasn’t working right for me (along with <Meta>+<Ctrl>+<PrtScr>).