Desktop file management

Not sure if it can be considered a suggestion, but the communication between the “desktop” and Nautilus/Files needs fixing/reinstating. I know the rationale and so on, but when the Nautilus lead says “[The] desktop is blocking us and giving deep issues to further go forward with no direct benefit. Users have expectations for it to work decently and it’s not the case.” the solution is not to make it not work AT ALL! Every other widely used desktop has this semantic, but it’s broken to the point of unusability in 20.04 - many actually rely on it and, yes, we can all get used to doing it another way (it seems to have been Mr Shuttleworth’s attitude to many changes in the past) but, then again, why - it’s far easier to leave the (direct) Ubuntu community and use something that does meet our current ubiquitous practice - e.g. Mint.