Debconf 21 Sponsorship by Ubuntu? Or by Canonical? What's the right message to send?

I have been reviewing the recent Debconf 21 videos, Ubuntu is listed as a Silver sponsor ($1500 or so).

The tagline at for this sponsorship (link included) is:

…, Ubuntu the Operating System delivered by Canonical, …

And the sponsors page has the same message in a graphic:

It seems like muddled messaging:

  • If the Ubuntu Project wrote the check, then perhaps the message should reflect the CC’s messaging priorities.
  • Alternately, if Canonical wrote the check, then (unintentionally) snubbing Ubuntu community volunteers at a conference full of Debian community volunteers seems perhaps a tone-deaf message to send.

I’m not accusing anybody of malice. Just pointing out room for improvement next time.

ping @madhens @teward

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Thank you for the heads up on this. I’ve given Claire a ping to see if we can clear this situation up - and work on strategies to improve this in the future! I’ll keep you posted with updates as they come in.

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