Dear Ubuntu: Please Stop Packaging Epiphany If You Won’t Do It Properly

FUD much? Also, why doesn’t the guy just file a bug?

did I mis-understand? … there are many security issues with the browser … so why is any distro packaging it? Sounds like it is more than just Ubuntu here.

Because he wants to get attention?

Having Epiphany not packaged properly probably gets him flooded with upstream bugs which turn out to be downstream ones .

Its the same with VirtualBox, it won’t work


A blog call-out is not often an appropriate way to get the kind of change that the blog author wishes, and we’re doing no favors to anybody by repeating it.

The blog author raised some valid points, though perhaps to the wrong audience. It’s incumbent upon our community to help the message get to the right audience (it already has), and encourage folks with such messages to be collaborative and positive.

Since the message has been received by, in this case, the Debian Maintainer of the package, there seems no further use for discussion in this thread.