Dash to dock click action

Dash to dock default click action is ‘focus-or-preview’, which, in my opinion, is useful in a small set of use cases. In fact, if the app is already on focus and there is only one instance (probably most of the cases, but it might be just my workflow), click does nothing.

It would be more useful to default it to ‘minimize-or-preview’, which in case of single app on focus will minimize it and the mouse would be already close to another app icon to click, instead that click on minimize button on the right side of the screen, and then move all across the desktop to the dash on the left side.

@didrocks, any opinion on this?


From the Unity times, the minimize on click was offered as an advanced option in CCSM but not set to default, this is why the preview one is the default for Ubuntu Dock. This could be revisited, but I would like to have some design opinion from @mpt.

I personally think it should be consistent though, so “minimize-or-preview” isn’t a good option IMHO. If there is one applicaiton instance, you will have some behavior, if you have more, you will see another behavior which is confusing.

I guess this shouldn’t be in the “Theme Refresh” section so that it can be opened for more people to comment.

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In case of multple instances I see it as if the dock asks “on which application you want to act?”, but I get your point.

right, is there any easy way to move the discussion, or the only one is open a new thread and link this one?

Maybe you can edit the first post? otherwise, just copy the content/reopen one. Let’s invoke @popey as well :wink:

Correct again :smiley:
Sorry for the noise

Would be great to add minimize for those who use it (I prefer preview or nothing, as it is now), but as an optional non default option like it was in Unity.

The “minimize” option seems to be pretty broken on two monitors. That might be just me.

Kind of related to this (I can open a bug if needed); where you have two monitors and the dock on both monitors, and an app pinned to the dock (e.g. Hexchat)… clicking on the icon on the second monitor when the app is already open on the first monitor does not switch to the already open app, it launches a second instance.

Minimize is the first option I add after installing Ubuntu, especially it is useful to me now that there is no icon on the dock to go immediately to the desktop: if I have many applications open and want to quickly go to the desktop I have to click the button at every window above to minimize.
I know that there are keyboard shortcuts but many users (including myself) who are not experts or who use Windows to which I see the computer are using the mouse exclusively, let’s say that if I have to give a percentage to which I see only the mouse being used is a 99% of users.
99% of users put folders, applications and files on their desk.
I also use the desk a lot, to put files or folders temporarily.

Interesting, I didn’t notice, but I’ll try it again

But dock on both monitors is not the default settings or? :thinking: Not sure actually

Maybe that could be fixed so the option could still be provided.

Kind of related to this, I think it would be nice if we could have more dash to dock options in the gnome control centre dock section.
There are a lot of options in dash to dock if you look into the dconf editor. Sure, most of them are not needed - but other could be appreciated by some people.


I think you’re right.

@didrocks and I talked about that a little bit yesterday. Obviously there’s a fine balance, but we could probably add some more options without making things too messy. Also, the settings are not exposed via settings in Tweaks. We could expose many more options in Tweaks, and pick and choose a bit more for Control Centre.