Curtin 19.1 Release

Hey folks!

Yesterday I cut the first release of curtin of 2019, 19.1. Thanks to everyone (named below) who contributed to making this a great release!

You can find the release tarball (and signature) at the Launchpad release page, and curtin 19.1-0ubuntu1 has been uploaded to eoan (thanks to @chad.smith for the sponsorship!) . We intend to start the SRU process in to stable Ubuntu releases in the next couple of weeks.

The next release of curtin will be 19.2, and is currently scheduled for the end of June.

Release Highlights

  • Add subcommand schema for storage-config validation
  • Add support for s390 DASD devices
  • Support for multi-layers images fsimage-layered:// URI

You can see the full release changelog at

Release Contributors

Thank you all!