Cursor theme discussion

Sorry, I was out for some holidays and have quite some backlog to do. I’ll test them out as soon as I can (probably next week) and will keep you posted :wink: The preview pictures look promising.

Same as you do! I should do a sample app :wink:

Gtk3-widget-factory has a “Get busy” button in the headerbar :wink:


Yes, I came across that too :+1:


They are all still too large, as mentioned a few times here, so perhaps wait and I’ll adjust the ones we consider (like 1,2,3,???)

I can’t believe no one likes #8 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh come on number 7 is liked :wink:

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Any news on the preferred busy icon ?

I’m currently working on the communitheme snap.

Everything is mostly working out here. I’m pushing the support in the distribution (as we need some workarounds), but we should be good!

@madsrh: As I want to include the cursor theme itself, do you mind if we move your project to the ubuntu namespace (and maybe rename the repo ;))? I’ll then point to it.

I need to select on theme by default. I’m defaulting to Communitheme_12 for now, but we can easily switch.
Note as well that some subdirectories don’t have cursor.theme and index.theme. Mind fixing this?


Yes! I really like the Full Circle one, it’s like the Unity 8 spinner but orange and filled in…though I think the Communitheme in general needs to grapple with the Unity 8 vs 17.10 Ambiance dilemma which @jaggers so eloquently put (I admit I only skim-read that, but it does seem to be something that the Communitheme needs to grapple with more). If the Communitheme is going for few changes on Adwaita but Unity 8 colors…then does it make sense to use blue for the loading circle? Is there anywhere else that the Communitheme should be using blue (as per the Unity 8 design spec)? If the Communitheme is actually going more for continuity with Ambiance, but flatter (and ultimately rebuilt from Adwaita), then the loading circle should probably be orange (and the blue highlights elsewhere should also be scrapped), but the Unity 8 dots one could be good (except orange rather than blue)… Maybe the Canonical spinner could be good but you’ve made that seem rather large so it has lots of transparent space?

And it’s now forked as with the same permissions as other projects!


Could the cursor theme be based on a black theme as it’s more standard and less Windows-like? A black cursor is much more visible and looks a lot better than the white one.

Actually windows10 has a black cursor now ;O
And I am not that sure, if a black cursor is more visible than a white cursor

But if even Windows 10 has it, which is rather behind in design discussions, why shouldn’t we?
Most of the desktop backgrounds and applications have bright backgrounds, so a black cursor is naturally more visible :man_shrugging:

Another little suggestion taken from Canonical’s Vanilla Framework:


Yes! @jasonflindt asked for this too. I’ve added #13 as a black option too, but it’s not working 100%. The left_side used for scaling windows is white and so on. I seems it doesn’t inherits icons from DMZ-Black like it should :thinking: If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Does it automagically grab the new changes from my repo?
I didn’t install the snap yet, but I’m curious if you only picked one, which one did you choose @didrocks ?

That looks (almost) like the Communitheme_2 Unity8 spinner / #3?

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No, this is why I asked here to move the repo under the ubuntu/ namespace :slight_smile:
It has the same rights than other repos (same for sound one), so you shold have access to it.
If yo uwant to see which repos are involved:

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Thank you for that - and thanks for your patience. I’ll upload the changes there soon :+1:

I did mean which cursor theme you picked :laughing: You mentioned defaulting to Communitheme_12 is that still the case?

This is part of my link: (prefer to point it out so that you can check yourself in the future, if you prefer) :wink:
It’s basically copying this folder to share/icons/communitheme/ in the snap.

Can anyone confirm this bug where the old Ubuntu bell sound is play along with the new?

Yes, the new one should be in the snap now (#13).

I agree, but I’m having a little trouble with the black version :disappointed: If someone would like to look into this, any help would be appreciated.

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Sam Hewitt started working on a cursor theme as part of the Suru icon theme.

Is this something we could use?

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Yeah I’ve seen this, too! Nice work from @snwh

In the end we can just provide two cursor themes without a problem. They are both very different yet look great.

A little communication would have been nice but yes! I’m not really proud of my cursor work, so if there’s a better suggestion, we should go with that :+1: