Cursor theme discussion

I thought a separate thread would do justice to cursor theme discussions

Is there any sample cursor theme we can use as reference ?

progress 2x


progress white cursor


The DMZ theme is a good starting point since it’s already shipped with Ubuntu. You can find SVG files for all icons.
DMZ isn’t as sharp as something like OpenZone, so I’m really fond of that flat, sharp, no shadow look. If you try the proof-of-concept theme on my Github page, and switch between DMZ-White and the Communitheme you’ll see what I mean.

I’ll try to come up with something for the trobber/busy icon, and post it here.

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What about something like this with the same colour as the apps icon ? this link is for reference.
I still like the Adwaita cursor theme .

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What if the three dots looked more like the circle of friends icon and they rotate around the circle ?


I was using La Capitaine as a reference. Here is my work folder so far

It is easier if you make the whole icon rotate, visually as well :slight_smile:


That will work too mate

Mock up

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I like that .
How about the one from the dock ?
I think they would work well with adwaita cursor.

Personally, I don’t think we should be using ubuntu logo. People are already inside Ubuntu, there is no need to remind them of Ubuntu.

Have you guys tried " Paper " cursor theme by Sam ? It’s pretty neat.

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I like the paper icon theme . But think all we need is Adwaita with a new spinner.
I think that if we use the circle of friends from the dock it would be fine . Remember its fairly neutral in colour and Small .
On a side note I don’t mind a little bit of branding . It helps to create that emotional attachment . Look what Apple has done .

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Working on my own version of the new cursor theme. Almost completed source SVGs. I have put them on Github

Is 8x8 the optimal size for cursor icons ?

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Do you have some screen shots of your theme ?

I have updated the repo with a preview image.

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I am currently stuck at

  1. Not sure what the icon size should be 8x8 or 16x16 or …

  2. What other files are needed other than SVG and how to create them

The best way to go about it is to look for a good cursor theme folder and dig into it to get some answers…:wink:

I tried 2 different cursor themes. Both had different ways of doing it. What better place to ask than here :slight_smile:

Sorry about that, it should work now :+1:

I couldn’t make the dots look good @didrocks :thinking: , but I came across multiple Canonical spinner designs that I tried to mimic.

I know the names doesn’t make much sense, but except from that, let me know what you think:


I really like Community V spinner with the dots. I think the animation is a little bit too fast though.
Community II and Community III spinning cursor is a little bit too large IMHO. I prefer Community I over them, even if they look really windowish as we said :slight_smile:

Edit: the spinning cursor should have a similar animation in the application Shell menu (where the application name is on top panel), when the application is loading.


Community I is my favourite though the blue could be a bit more visible. Without changing the color ofc, since this is the official unity8 blue. Maybe adding a pixel black at the borders? It is sometimes hard to spot on bright areas.

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