Cursor in the left top corner


We are using mir with great succes using the mir-kiosk snap.
But we have one problem the cursor is always visible in the left top corner.
It’s a touchscreen application using chromium-mir-kiosk, but when i delete the chromium-mir-kiosk the cursor is still visible.
Anybody has similar problem?

You can force the cursor off with:

snap set mir-kiosk cursor=none

Hi @marvindinneweth, glad you’re having fun with Mir :slight_smile: .

Would you be able to share something more? What worked well, what did not? What do you feel missing? Any details about your particular use case and implementation details (hardware, for example) would be awesome to know :slight_smile: .


We are using Mir-kiosk in a IOT project where we needed a kiosk running a web-app.
We are using it for garbage men to select certain categories when they are recycling big items like dishwashers/fax machines.
We are using this display:
Driven by a nuc running the latest version of ubuntu server.
I did a full reinstallation of everything and my cursor problem is gone now. Didn’t really know what the problem was.