CS2 - Deb vs Flatpak vs Snap

This video came to be by an issue found at https://github.com/ValveSoftware/csgo-osx-linux/issues/3642 where one thing led to another and I ended up testing all 3 package management solutions.



From the data, you’re on Ubuntu 23.10, kernel 6.6.14 (mainline kernel?), an nVidia 4090 with the 550.40.07 driver.

The flatpak of steam appears to be built against the 23.08 freedesktop platform.

The stable snap looks to be using the gaming-graphics-core22 snap which (for me) is 23.3.4 built last month.

Is it just a difference in those underlying platforms which could account for this?

If you could use a newer flatpak platform snap with the steam snap, does the problem go away (if that’s even possible?).

Interesting results anyway :slight_smile:

Also, are you able to just turn on the steam inbuilt fps counter in the top corner? That’s my usual go-to for the basic fps counter, when mangohud isn’t available.

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JEEZ! You are THE Alan Pope. One of the reasons I use Ubuntu is because of you and your amazing podcasts. (Feeling shy right now sorry, you are like a rockstar to me).

Yes, the game runs properly ONLY on Snap. Steam on Snap is the only one that:

  • Did not have stuttering
  • Respected the fullscreen (instead of showing windowed fullscreen when in fact it was not configured like that. This happens on Flatpak and Debian packages)
  • Had no input latency and moving the mouse and also the clicking worked properly because sometimes you would shoot / click and it would not detected as such on the other 2.

For the FPS it is great on all cases, but sure I could do another video, the FPS is perfect on all 3 cases which is above 100 FPS, it is the stuttering the biggest issue, which just so happens, it does not affect the snap version.

For the newer flatpak version, how do I do that sorry. I installed it via here https://flathub.org/apps/com.valvesoftware.Steam if that helps.

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Well looks like the Flatpak version has not been updated… FOR A WHILEEE

And if I do a search for it (I only have the flathub repo installed) I get this:


I will redo the video nonetheless, but I can’t find a “bleeding edge” flatpak version of steam. But both, the snap and flatpak version, if you run steam, the steam gets updated, if that is useful for something. I will also show the steam version when doing the 2nd video. I will use the following 2 commands to show more info:

cl_showfps 2
cq_netgraph 1

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Yeah, if you choose number 20 on that list of flatpaks - it’s probably the one you already have - com.valvesoftware.Steam - which pulls in a framework (I am not an expert on flatpak, as you can tell) which appears to be a bit older than the bits the snap pulls in.

So chances are, the good news is, that the flatpak can probably be updated (or the framework) and it’ll catch up with the snap. But that’s just my assumption. :person_shrugging: :smiley:

Correct, it updated itself. In about 3 hours it should show here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLPagwYhxeU (After youtube renders it)

I added the FPS, the graph and I have no idea what those stats say. All I know is that the snap version has basically double the FPS versus the other 2, or at least that is how I read the AVG for each case:

DEB PACKAGE (Input Lag, Stuttering, Fullscreen Window Issue)

FLATPAK PACKAGE (Input Lag, Stuttering, Fullscreen Window Issue)

SNAP PACKAGE (No Input Lag, No Stuttering, Fullscreen Loaded Correctly)


The steam-snap uses kisak-fresh mesa drivers.

Does the deb run smoothly for you using kisak-fresh? (I had to use Lunar instead of Mantic.)

You mean to install the ppa and test the deb version


the mesa version shouldn’t matter when nvidia driver is used

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I will be testing but on 24.04 the next time. Too much work right now hehe.

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