Creating BlueFire Company

I’m creating BlueFire Company. An advertisment is going to go live soon. It is all about supporting all Ubuntu versions for longer than 1 year (5 years for LTS). Period will be than 8 years more than official support. By that, I mean feature updates, not driver updates. Please email me to apply at

All versions, even non LTS ones? What packages? From main, universe?

Eight years more than what? ESM from Canonical can provide an additional three years of support. Do you provide support for an additional eight years on top of that? So 8 + 8 = 16 years? Or just after the public support ends, so 5 + 8 = 13 years?

What are your credentials and qualifications? That seems like an enormous amount of work.

feature updates, not driver updates

^ what does that mean? Would you fix security problems in packages?

What’s your target audience?

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Exactly, how will future updates be delivered? Uploading to the Ubuntu repositories? Does @rs2009 even have the necessary permissions as I see nothing in his Launchpad profile that allows him to do so. Or via a PPA?

@rs2009, your initial post raises more questions than it answers.

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I was about to clarify. I mean like developing software for the Ubuntu versions. You want a feature developed, but you are running Ubuntu 13.04. This causes an issue since it is EOL.
We could develop the features.

Don’t worry about that. I’m not going to use debs, but am going to host the packages.

Care to provide an example?

Why? What’s a package in your context? APT/dpkg or even snaps are proven distribution methods.

My understanding is that you’re providing some consultancy or development/backporting service, specifically for Ubuntu. Can you give an example that demonstrates what I could buy from you, considering your technical expertise?

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Take an example. You want the latest version of GNOME (I mean latest, not the cached version in apt) and delete Unity. In such a case, you (if a beginner) would get confused about how to do that since it is not updated. We could write an installation script for that (package definition) and it could be executed and a get back Unity script. This would make it easier for them.

Do you think that beginner users on outdated Ubuntu versions who do not want to upgrade the distribution for free, yet still need an up-to-date GNOME, are a good-enough business case for a company?


@ppd Some people might have old packages which they want to retain. And I do not care about profit, but want to help…

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Ah ok. I seem to have misunderstood you. I took company literally, as in profit-seeking business.


Well, you could help if you are happy with it…

It’s certainly a commendable motivation! :+1:

A good way to start a little smaller and provide new features to old releases is by creating and maintaining snaps or flatpaks.

Well, some could join and help…

On hold for 24 hours to give the author opportunity to clarify what this organization is, why Ubuntu folks should care, and what is meant by “apply”. As currently written, it seems borderline spam or scam, and perhaps that is not what the author intended.

EDIT: Leaving closed - the author chose to make no changes.