Creating a list of GNOME extensions for Ubuntu session

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I noted that a lot of GNOME extensions, even GNOME-supported ones like the Applications Menu (also one of the most popular according to the GNOME extensions site), do not work in the Ubuntu session either because of Ubuntu’s specific defaults or because of Ubuntu’s GNOME version. In the case of the Applications Menu, this seems to be because Ubuntu turns off the activities hot corner by default.
Therefore, searching the website for useful and working extensions is more time-consuming then it should be, and we should really, as a community, create a list of 10-20 useful, working extensions for the Ubuntu session (with Ubuntu Dock and Ubuntu Appindicators running and of course all of the settings in Tweaks set to the Ubuntu defaults).

For me the most useful place for such a list would be in two places:
either 1) that these extensions would simply show up in the top of the shell extensions section inside Add-ons in Ubuntu Software – not in the sense that Canonical supports them, as this section already contains a warning that Canonical does not
OR 2) somehow integrated into – perhaps there could be a special symbol that means that the Ubuntu community finds that such extensions are both useful and working in the Ubuntu session. I would find either of these two scenarios personally extremely useful. Thoughts about these last two suggestions, @didrocks ?

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Mmm, I heared that many extensions make gnome so slow.
Anyway I find really useful Place stats indicator, Appfolders Management, Drop Down Terminal, Caffeine and Applications Menu (for who doesn’t have enough video memory for open a full screen menu).

Sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Removable Drive Menu
Appfolders Management
Applications Overview Tooltip

  1. gnome-shell-extension-autohidetopbar

  2. gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel

  3. gnome-shell-extension-remove-dropdown-arrows

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My vote too

Very useful and comfortable

Does the Applications Menu work for you with default Ubuntu session defaults – specifically, does it work with the Activities Hot Corner off? For myself, I could never get it to work unless I would turn on the hot corner.

No, it doesn’t even work for me. I’ll report this bug as soon as I have enough time :slight_smile: