Couldn't pull AlmaLinux 8 container image

This is the error I get when trying to create Alma 8 container

Creating alma9
Error: Failed instance creation: Failed getting remote image info: Failed getting image: The requested image couldn't be found

And lxc image list images: doesn’t show Alma images at all.


This is due to the decision to block access to the community image sever for LXD users.

Please see

The ubuntu: image remain unaffected.

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This is so fu…ed… :(((
Still next and next problems…

LXD cool team: work out please alternative way to install Rocky, Alma in awesome LXD.

From the same link :slight_smile:

We have no intention of restricting LXD only to Ubuntu users and will be providing a replacement image server serving images for other Linux distributions. The work is in progress and we’ll be providing an update on the initiative in the near future. In the meantime, we are happy to get feedback from our users in terms of what images we should prioritise.