COSCUP 2023: Ubuntu Taiwan LoCo + UbuCon Asia booth

Hello folks :slight_smile:

I plan to setup a joint Ubuntu Taiwan LoCo + UbuCon Asia booth on COSCUP 2023 to promote both Ubuntu TW folks and UbuCon Asia this year.
The plan is to basically share Taiwan LoCo’s booth with UbuCon Asia organizer folks. (single table with 2 chairs for both Ubuntu TW + UbuCon Asia)
But, depending on number of folks joining as booth staff, We might need apply for another table for larger booth.

So far, me(@sukso96100), @rjhsiao (TW LoCo), @fenris, @masafumiohta will join for the booth. @isatrio might join, but not sure at the moment.

If you are coming to COSCUP (in Taipei) this year, and willing to join our booth to volunteer(+also interested to contribute to UbuCon Asia - as organizer, speaker or whatever), please feel free to reply to this thread or drop me a message! - email is also good :slight_smile:


Wow, It is wonderful memory in my life if I join it as a volunteer.

But, I have little bit nervous what if I have miss understanding activity.

Could you share of your experience about COSCUP event?
From your introduce, I hope to get a guess what I am doing there.

Thanks for giving chance to join COSCUP event as a volunteer.

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is there any room or need a hand for assistance manning the booth? I would be happy to join the team

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Yup, I would need some few more folks help with manning booth and promoting Ubuntu and UbuCon. Feel free to join :slight_smile:

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