Contributions, monthly and yearly

Other websites will have on their Paypal donate page an option for monthly donations (and I’m not sure about yearly but that would also be a good idea).

This will better fund the project, rather than relying on people to remember to donate each year or every few months. We are all busy people and some of us more forgetful than others.

Just an idea / suggestion.

I am loving Ubuntu 18.04 btw, and I want this project to keep getting better and better. Cheers



Are you referring to the donation page that comes up when downloading?

I reached the page by going through then clicking “donate” in the menu bar, but it appears to be the same link.

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Perhaps we can use something like Patreon or the GNU open source thing.

I’d be curious to see @popey’s and @Wimpress’s opinion, to see if something like this has ever been considered before, and if it’s something that can be done.

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Can you send a screenshot? I don’t know why I don’t see it!

Liberapay is an open-source and somewhat-collectively-governed alternative to Patreon :slight_smile: If GNU have one though then that’s cool, what’s it called?

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top right option when you’re at the top of a particular page on here

Interesting. I see that initially, but once logged in, it’s gone. I wonder if I’m the only one…

Interesting idea!

The amount received in donations via these various means would need to outweigh the resources invested in setting up and maintaining new service. I would imagine there are tax liabilities and reporting that’s needed too. The webteam would be somewhat responsible for this, so I the next step is probably best to file a detailed issue over on their issue tracker.

Not only you!
After login it’s gone.

Here we go. It’s not necessarily “detailed”, but It Works.


I still see it even after login…

That’s obvious from your screenie above – your avatar is there :wink:
Strange! - do you use Firefox? sometimes browsers acting out strangely .

I’m on Firefox 60.0.1 (Deb) yes :slight_smile:

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