Contacting the Community Council

Is this the place to contact the Community Council about expiring team memberships?

Hello @cariboo. This is a good space to contact us. But what team are you talking about? The process to renew the membership is different depending on the team.

The Forum Council members:

  • Coffeecat
  • Howefield
  • Slickymaster
  • cariboo

are up for renewal on January 29th, 2018.

  • QIII
  • oldos2er

Have no expiration date. and bapoumba, needs to be removed for the Forum Council.

Links are available on request.

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Hey, I still don’t fully understand your request. I am reading this:

In that process, I don’t see any mention to the community council. Can you please be more explicit about what we have to do to help you? Ideally, with detailed steps :slight_smile:

We are here learning as we go, and trying to improve the documentation of those processes so it will be clearer the following times.

The Community Council owns the Forum Council Team. See here.

For more about the Forum Council have a look at the following wiki pages:

The Forums Council Charter is located here:

Under the Charter, the term of Forum Council members is two years. To make it easier on the Community Council it was decided to set all the members expiry dates to the same date, the Forum Council membership list along with their expiry dates can be seen here:

The members up for renewal are:

cariboo -
Coffeecat -
David Pires (slickymaster) -
howefield -

We would also like to have the following two member’s expiry dates aligned with the rest of the Forum Council:

oldos2er -

Sadly bapoumba is no longer able to continue in her duties as a Forum Council member,so we would like her removed from the team:

bapoumba -

elopio –

Since four of the six members of the Forum Council have now passed their expiry when they would like to have been renewed, I hope you might find your way clear to have the Community Council attend to this now seriously overdue matter, one of the responsibilities of the CC, rather sooner than later.


This is now done. Sorry for the delay.