Consider a dark theme counterpart for Ambiance?

Was wondering if there were any plans in the works to add the option for a dark version of the Ambiance theme? And if not, would the dev team consider it (or what might be needed for consideration)?

I’ve noticed with some themes like Numix, Adwaita and others that when the “Global dark theme” switch is on in Tweaks, a “dark version” of the theme is applied across all applications (or possibly just gtk3 apps?), and the text becomes contrastingly the lighter color. As a designer who spends countless hours glued to the screen, having the spaces in between app components (buttons, icons, widgets, etc.) made a darker color is much easier on my eyes, and helps improve workflow and focus.

I dig the colors and style made by the ambiance theme, and really like the “spirit of Africa” feel it brings to Ubuntu… but often find the bright white empty spaces in programs like in Gimp, Inkscape, Files/Nautilus, Thunderbird, and Libreoffice can be a little aggressive on the eyesight (at times) and even take away from the core focus of many program components (for me, personally). Would be curious to hear dev thoughts as well as thoughts from other community members.

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By the way, the Global Dark theme option will likely be removed from the GNOME Tweaks app before Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is released. Theme developers should make a separate dark theme (like Arc offers).

I think there will be some sort of theme work (maybe a community contest?) during this development cycle. More details will be posted on this site soon.


Nice, appreciate the info’ Jeremy. Thanks.

Ambiant-MATE-Dark from Ubuntu MATE, which is derived from Ambiance, could be a useful starting point :slight_smile: