Congrats – Ubuntu 18.04 is running great

I am a longtime Ubuntu user. The reason for me switching to Beaver already is a bit of a long story: I enabled Secure Boot on my PC for reaons and therefore was unable to use the proprietary driver for my GTX 1050 anymore. However, using the open source driver, my screens stays dark after suspend until i force power off the system. Hoping for better drivers, i switched to beaver without thinking a lot about. And the upgrade went great!

The update itself (from 17.10) did not cause a single issue. After a quick reboot, I was running the latest Ubuntu dev version directly from the repos – it’s not even a beta yet. So congrats to the dev team! I will stay on bionic beaver as my daily os for work and development. I really like the improved Color Emojis and installed the noto-color-emoji package right away! :smiley:

There is one little catch though: My screen still stays dark after suspend – I am happy for any hints. (turning of Secure Boot or buying a new Graphics Card is not an option!) :wink:

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