Component > Notifications (Snoozed)



Snoozing a notification lets the user dimiss it for now, but know that they may have to come back to the notification at a future time, and that it won’t be lost by dismissing.

“The disk sda3 is nearly full”
“A new version is available, upgrade?”


  • When snoozed a notification is in a collapsed, reduced height mode that simply shows the title, a visual snooze indicator, and a recency.

    1. Clicking anywhere ‘cancels’ snooze and returns the Notification to an expanded, unread state.
  • After a determined snooze period (which may be application-specific, or user defined) the Notification finishes snooze and becomes a ‘new’ unread, expanded notification.


A snoozed notification sits at the bottom of the Notification centre, waiting on a timer to ‘unsnooze’ at which point it becomes a ‘new’ Unread, expanded Notification - triggering its Alert once again.