Community Workshop: Learn Juju & write your first charm

Learn the basics of Juju and charm development!

In this workshop, you will be introduced to Juju and learn how to write you first charm. By the end of the workshop, you will have gained the ability to both write and deploy charms with Juju ! :magic_wand:

Who should join?

Perhaps you have worked with infrastructure, devops or system administration and look to learn some next generation DevOps skills and automation. You know Linux and have some beginner level skills with Python or just look to learn some first magic. Then this is your workshop!

Don’t worry - complete beginners will have no problems to follow along!

When is this workshop taking place?
Friday, 1 december Β· 14:00–15:00 (Stockholm timezone)
Meeting link:

Prepare before the workshop by:

  1. Prepare your development environment (Comes with a juju client, charmcraft etc. prepared)

  2. Optionally - if you like to try Juju with AWS β†’ Add a AWS credential to your juju client

    juju add-credential aws -f example-cred.yaml --client

Much welcome! Bring a friend! @erik-lonroth will be helping you out all the way!