Community Support

Community support

Access free documentation

If you are stuck on a problem, someone else has probably encountered it too. Take a look at the official documentation developed and maintained by the Ubuntu Documentation Team.

Live support chat

If you would rather ask questions directly to the Ubuntu Community, you can access our Internet relay chat (IRC) channel.

If you are new to Ubuntu, and have not used IRC before, check out our instructions for how to join the live chat. The main channel is #ubuntu. There are also dedicated channels for development, bugs, local community (LoCo) teams, accessibility and documentation.

When participating in Ubuntu IRC channels, please follow the Code of conduct.

Web forums

This is a community of experts who share information, answer questions, and train Ubuntu users. If you’re looking to ask questions on how to use your Ubuntu computer, then this is a warm and welcoming place for both new and experienced users. Most new-user help is in English. There are subforums for project teams, LoCos, developers, and many others.

Mailing lists

Ubuntu development, support and discussions continually take place within our IRC channels and mailing lists. To join a mailing list simply click on the mailing list you wish to join for further instructions.

Ask Ubuntu

This is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. If you’re looking to ask questions on how to use your Ubuntu computer, then this is the place to go. Instead of posting like a mailing list or forum, this site works by you repeatedly editing your question with what you’ve learned about your problem, and then users can rate the quality of the questions and answers by voting. If you’re interested in learning how the site works, check out this guide.
This site is English only, if you need support in another language, see Launchpad Answers below.

Technical answers system

Add a support-related question to the search-field on Launchpad. Keep your query active until a community member offers the answer you need. You can also search the complete history of questions and answers. This site supports multiple-languages.

… or just come hang out

Sometimes support is more than just helping each other all day, hanging out with other people who use Ubuntu is also a good way to learn and make new friends. Sometimes you just want to kick back, relax, and talk about Ubuntu with the rest of the community.