Community Service Desk/Contribution Board JIRA

I think both of you raise good points - we don’t want to duplicate effort, since most of us on the Canonical side are at least a little overextended, and we don’t want to seem like we’re abandoning current workflows and tools. You’re both coming from good places, and I think this is a good conversation to have in the open, to get all the different stakeholders and to be intentional and thoughtful.

To me, it seems like there’s two separate issues being raised - having something to wrangle issues around a common theme and allow for general discussion outside of bug reports (something for Jira or a program like it) and the bug reports themselves on Launchpad. Does this seem like a fair assessment @rbasak and @local-optimum (and all the community members in the discussion so far?)

I’m not necessarily trying to insist that the existing Launchpad project be used. I’m open to that being changed. To make a decision we need a list of pros and cons, and I’m not sure we have clarity and mutual understanding and agreement on exactly what those are, yet.

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