Community-Oriented Book Group with Jono Bacon

In a lot of the more recent posts about the direction of the Ubuntu community, and the resurrection of the Community Council, Jono Bacon has naturally come up a lot, both for his role in the community and the work he’s done for and on communities since. He’s starting an 11 week book club for his book People Powered soon, and we already have a handful of Ubuntu members and contributors in the group. We had a good and honest discussion on the group’s Slack about what do you do when you’re rebuilding/strengthening a community versus building it, and it’s very likely this discussion will last all the way to the end of the group and beyond.

So as one of the book club organizers, and an Ubuntu MATE contributor, I’d like to extend a particular invitation to people here. I even have an extra copy of the book if anyone needs one! Having someone with such passion for community, and knowledge of the hard/painful parts that come with it, is an incredible resource to have. And the other resource is a group of people coming together to work through building/rebuilding communities, and I think that group would only be better with more of us there. Sign ups close on Friday, but the first chapter is an introduction, and we’ll be recording the weekly Q&As. I’ve included a link, and please feel free to message me with any questions!